Many communities utilize groundwater in crop and farmland irrigation. Municipalities may also use groundwater as potable drinking water or in waste management processes.

Groundwater management and monitoring serve several purposes including:

  • Manage water quality and identify potable water contaminants
  • Identify groundwater levels and plan accordingly for times where water conservation is necessary such as droughts or emergencies
  • Monitor and take steps to prevent saltwater from entering the groundwater source, typically quantified by the groundwater’s salinity

Seametrics created a wide range of affordable groundwater monitoring sensors and loggers to help communities manage their groundwater supply. You can choose groundwater monitoring equipment that focus on specific data such as the TempHion Water Quality Sensor with Datalogging or the Multi-Parameter tool that allows you to measure pH, salinity, temperature, pressure, water levels, and more. Need help finding the groundwater monitoring sensor and logger you need? Contact a Seametrics distributor or call us at 800-975-8153.