Barometric & Vacuum with Modbus & SDI-12 Interface
  • Available as a weatherproof box or 316 stainless steel tube (titanium optional)
  • Provides barometric reference for absolute pressure sensors
  • Automatically compensates for barometric pressure when attached to a PT12 submersible sensor (SDI-12 only)
  • Measures pressure and temperature

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The PT12-BV barometric pressure sensor comes as a weatherproof box and provides an ideal barometric reference for absolute pressure sensors.

It also offers automatic barometric compensation when used with SDI-12. Simply attach the PT12-BV to a PT12 submersible sensor and receive barometrically compensated pressure readings. No post-processing of data. No vented cable. No desiccant tubes.

Featuring both an SDI12 (v.1.3) interface and a Modbus® RTU interface, the PT12-BV is easy to connect to recorders and existing monitoring networks, making it the preferred choice for many environmental professionals.


  • Weatherproof box constructed with ABS – IP66/67, fluorocarbon, and Buna N (nitrile rubber)
  • SDI-12 v1.3 interface
  • Modbus® RTU interface
  • Barometrically compensate attached absolute sensor for level measurement (SDI-12 only)
  • Operates on low power


  • Level measurement: barometrically compensate absolute pressure sensors
  • Measure vacuum pressure during vapor extraction pilot testing
  • Supplement aquifer test data in leaky or confined conditions
  • Accurately measure barometric pressure

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