Seametrics’ industrial magmeters are a critical segment of our signature electromagnetic flow meter collection. We offer several different industrial flow meter makes and models, each with distinct characteristics as well as applications.

Product Overview

Our iMAG industrial flow meters are all flanged inline magmeters that come standard with one pulse output but includes additional options for other outputs. Capable of being battery or externally powered as well. Our WMP-Series is a plastic-bodied industrial flow meter that uses battery-power and functions simply as a magnetic flow meter. The EX-Series industrial magmeters are adjustable and fixed insertion magmeters. Several models are available in brass and stainless steel. PE-Series low-flow magmeter is chemical and corrosion resistant. This model does not require a straight pipe and features no moving parts. Seametrics also produces saddle, tee, and weld-type fittings for our magmeters.

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