Need a pressure sensor for a stream, well or wetland? For pump testing or flow monitoring? That performs barometric compensation? We’ve got you covered—our pressure sensors provide a wide range of capabilities, options, and protocols.

Seametrics has developed several versatile pressure level sensors with a wide variety of applications. If you’re looking for affordable level and temperature data logging, our LevelSCOUT is a great general use water level pressure sensor that measures level, temperature, and time. If you need a sensor that will work in adverse conditions, the PT2X is an industry-standard device that is highly accurate, stores large amounts of data, and performs great for environmental professionals working in a variety of settings.

From easy-to-use general sensors to high-tech pressure level sensors for specialists, our pressure and level sensors have a model for every type of user. In order to determine the sensor that matches your needs, we recommend working with a local Seametrics distributor.

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  • LevelSCOUT 2X

    LevelSCOUT 2X

    Level & Temperature Sensor with Datalogging
  • LevelSCOUT 2X

    BaroSCOUT 2X

    Barometric Pressure Sensor with Datalogging
  • LevelSCOUT


    Level & Temperature Sensor with Datalogging
  • BaroSCOUT

    Barometric Pressure Sensor with Datalogging
  • PT2X

    Pressure & Temperature with Datalogging
  • PT2X-BV


    Barometric & Vacuum with Datalogging
  • PT12

    Pressure & Temperature with Modbus & SDI-12 Interface
  • PT12-BV


    Barometric & Vacuum with Modbus & SDI-12 Interface
  • PS9800

    Pressure & Optional Temperature with 4-20mA Interface
  • PS98i


    Pressure with 4-20mA Interface