Seametrics’ mechanical and magnetic flow meters for municipal water systems provide precision fluid measurements for potable water and wastewater. Both types of flow meters are ideal for municipal facilities as they have several applications including:

  • Measuring and regulating corrosive elements in the water pipe
  • Water abstraction control
  • Wastewater monitoring and management
  • Pressure regulation in water treatment plants

Our municipal water system magnetic and mechanical flow meters provide utility workers and local government officials with crucial analytics necessary to manage water quality and conserve water resources. Seametrics offers several municipal water management solutions, including battery-powered insertion magmeters, in-line turbine meters, and adjustable depth insertion magmeters.

To determine which mechanical or magnetic flow meter works best for your municipal water system, contact your local Seametrics distributor. If you’re looking for the specifications of a particular product, simply click on the product and under the “Downloads” section of the page, you’ll find specification PDFs.

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