Seametrics irrigation magmeters are affordable, durable fluid measurement tools that allow you to manage and monitor irrigation water source flow.

Our AG90-Series is a battery power saddle magmeter that directly replaces propeller meters. With 4-year battery life and 5-year industry leading warranty, this irrigation flow meter is built-to-last.

The AG3000 series features flanged in-line magmeters that produce a one-pulse output. All of these irrigation magmeters perform accurately in tight spaces and are great for chemigation, agricultural automation, and more. Includes a 5-year warranty.

Our plastic-bodied and battery-powered WMP-Series magmeter can serve as an industrial and irrigation flow meter that fits smaller pipe sizes. The WMP-Series functions as simply as a magnetic meter and features no moving parts.

The EX-Series is comprised of adjustable and fixed-depth saddle magmeters. While our PE-Series focuses on in-line low flow irrigation magmeters.

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