K-factor Calculator

  • K-Factors for TX series flow meters are valid ONLY for meters purchased after January 1, 2011.
  • Data for Saddles not available. Please contact Seametrics.

  • Less than 50(in) or 1.27(m) and greater than 2.7(in) or 0.0685(m)
  • K-factors derived using the K-factor calculator will be expressed in the units chosen in the calculator (Pulse/Cubic Meter, Pulse/Gallon or Pulse/Liter)
Previous Model New Model
EX80-Series EX800-Series
EX100/200-Series Same
EX115/215 EX150/250
TX80-Series TX800-Series
TX100/200-Series Same
TX115/215 TX150/250
IP80-Series IP800-Series
IP100/200-Series Same
IP115/215 IP150/250