Before you begin the hydraulic fracturing process, it’s imperative that your team has a precise, durable, and efficient magnetic flow meter for fracking fluid measurement. Seametrics has designed a flow meter that has multiple applications in the oil and gas industry including:

  • Measuring source and retention pond water upstream
  • Monitor produced water to ensure continuous separator operation
  • Manage the filtration and treatment of produced water

Seametrics’ designed our magnetic flow meter for fracking with specific industry challenges in mind. We considered everyday difficulties that arise in the fracking process such as pipe obstruction, installation difficulty, routine maintenance requirements, and potential corrosive elements. The end result is Seametrics’ production of a durable, affordable mechanical and magnetic flow meter for fracking.

We designed our fracking flow meter model for easy installation and minimal pipe obstruction. To determine if our fracking magmeter is right for your operation, contact your local Seametrics distributor or call us at 1-800-975-8153.