Seametrics produces several different types of flow meters. From industrial magnetic flow meters to mechanical paddlewheel meters, we’ve created several solutions for precision fluid measurement.

We’ve divided the different types of flow meters and flow meter models into several categories:

  • Industrial Magmeters
  • Irrigation Magmeters
  • Mechanical Paddlewheel Meters
  • Mechanical Turbine Meters
  • Multi Jet Meters
  • Single Jet Meters
  • Flow Meter Displays and Converters

Magnetic Flow Meters

The most frequent applications of our magnetic flow meters include irrigation, fracking fluid monitoring, groundwater monitoring, municipal water management, and desalination processes. Whether you need an industrial, agricultural, or environmental precision fluid measurement tool, our magmeters are up to the task.

Mechanical Flow Meters

We also manufacture mechanical flow meters such as turbine meters, jet meters, and paddlewheel meters. To determine what type of flow meter is right for you, contact us or coordinate with your local Seametrics distributor.