The Service Order Form, f.k.a. the RMA form, is designed to facilitate the return of product for warranty evaluation, out-of-box failures, repair, recalibration, and restock (unused new product.) NOTE: failure to follow the Service Order process may result in time delays or rejection of the service order.

The Process

  1. The Service Order form shall be submitted by a Seametrics Authorized Distributor or OEM customer ONLY.
  2. Before submitting the service order, distributors/customers must contact Seametrics Technical Support (253-480-3020 or 1-800-975-8153) for a preliminary evaluation and the assignment of a case number for future reference.
  3. Provide Seametrics Technical Support  with a detailed description of your application, including information on relevant variables such as fluid velocity, temperature, pressure, piping configuration, electrical connections, and type of fluid.
  4. Upon authorization from Technical Support, the authorized distributor or OEM customer will fill out and submit the form below.
  5. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be shipped with the service order product if it has been exposed to hazardous materials.
  6. Products must be cleaned before return. Products not cleaned will be assessed a minimum $75 cleaning fee. Cleaning applies to products involving dirt, slurries, or other non-hazardous material or fluids. Products involving hazardous or unknown fluids must also include an MSDS, as stated in step 5. For employee safety, products involving hazardous or unknown fluids, and not cleaned and accompanied by an MSDS, will be returned.
  7. Remove any batteries from product before shipping.
  8. Package and ship the product to the attention of “Seametrics Repair Dept.” You must write the Service Order# on each box and label (failure to do so will delay processing.) Products damaged in shipping will void the warranty.
  9. For service order status related questions, call 253-480-2981 or 1-800-975-8153 or email
  • Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.
  • Please provide the model number of the unit. If more than one unit, separate with a comma.
  • Please provide the serial number of the unit. If more than one unit, separate with a comma.
  • Please provide case number given by Seametrics if applicable. Otherwise case number is not required.
  • Please provide company name
  • Please describe the problem you are having with your product using as much detail as possible.