Seametrics manufactures a wide array of agricultural electromagnetic flow meters. Seametrics flow meters have multiple agricultural applications including:

  • Managing flow control of your irrigation sources
  • Monitoring water quality including wastewater or run-off from harvesting processes
  • Managing the distribution of fertilizer and other crop supplements

Several factors go into the selection of an agricultural electromagnetic flow meter. While all flow meters measure a liquid’s movement, the type of flow meter you will want to use will depend on your business.

Seametrics’ AG3000 Battery-Powered In-line Magmeter works well for irrigation, chemicgation, usage monitoring, and more. Meanwhile, the AG90 battery powered saddle magmeter is perfect for replacing broken propeller meters and fits easily into existing installations.

We recommend contacting your local Seametrics’ distributor to determine what magmeter fits best with your agricultural business. Click here to connect with your nearby Seametrics distributor.