If you work with water or just want to reduce your water usage, there are several useful calculators online to make water calculations. Here are 14 useful calculators from around the Internet.

water-calculatorWater Footprint Calculator National Geographic
National Geographic estimates users’ water footprint based on their behavior and compares it to the average household.

Water Footprint Extended Calculator Waterfootprint.org
This tool estimates your water footprint based on your food consumption and home water usage.

Daily Indoor Water Use U.S. Geological Survey
A basic calculation of indoor water use based on showers, dishwashing, laundry, and toilet use.

Drip Calculator American Water Works Association
This calculator estimates the daily, monthly, and annual waste from a leaky fixture.

Water Flow Rate through Piping TLV.com
Using the variables of pipe grade, pipe size, and water velocity, this tool calculates the water flow rate through piping.

Garden Hose Flow Rate and Time Washington State University
This tool provides the flow rate through a garden hose based on the inputs of hose size, hose length, and supply pressure.

Drip Line Rate Washington State University
Another tool from Washington State University that estimates the water usage for drip irrigation.

Pipeline Pressure Loss Washington State University
This tool estimates the water pressure lost in a pipe while factoring in variables such as material, flow rate, and inside diameter.

Irrigation Meter Calculator University of Nebraska
This calculator estimates the number of inches of irrigation applied to a specific area.

Irrigation Conversion Calculator Rain Bird
A conversion tool for quickly converting units used for flow, precipitation rate, and more.

Water Use Calculator Southwest Florida Water Management District
This basic water usage calculator estimates the household water consumption and outputs a nice visualization for each category.

Water Calculator Home Water Works
Another calculator that estimates the household water use following a survey of behavioral questions.

K-Factor Calculator Seametrics
Our K-Factor calculator provides the K-Factor based on variables such as external diameter and wall thickness.

Flow Units Converter The Engineering Toolbox
This tool quickly converts between flow units including gallons per minute, liters per minute, cubic feet per minute, and more.

If you know of a water calculator that should be on this list, leave a comment below.