The vast library of mobile apps includes several tools that can help you conserve water by providing information such as how much water you are consuming and tips for reducing water use. Here are 10 useful water conservation applications to check out.

This free app connects with utilities to provide you with data on how much water you are actually using and shows how you compare to nearby homes. It can also alert you if a leak is detected.

E-Water Footprint
This app estimates your water consumption based on your inputs such as showers, dishwashing, and the foods you eat.

The Groundwater Foundation created this educational app with a fun quiz game to test your knowledge about groundwater, irrigation, conservation, and several other topics.

Virtual Water
An application version of the popular infographic by that shows how much water is used to produce a variety of goods.

Water Use Calculator
This app by the National Ground Water Association helps calculate your daily, weekly, and annual household water based on a set of survey questions. It also compares your usage to the average American.

Waterprint by Water Efficiency magazine also provides an estimate of your water consumption including water embedded in products that you eat, drink, and wear.

H20 Tracker
Available on iPhone and Android, this app is a water conservation game that helps users save water and find out how much water they are using. It also allows you to report water waste by taking a picture to send to your city.

Rain Harvest
A simple application that estimates how much water your roof can collect during a rain storm based on a formula that includes catchment area, rainfall, efficiency, and collection points.

Smartirrigation Turf
An app that provides an irrigation schedule based on weather conditions and short-term forecasts (only for Georgia and Florida).

Drip Detective
Drip Detective is an app that estimates the gallons of water that are being wasted from a leak based on the rate of the drip and also calculates the cost.

Do you have a favorite water conservation app? Please share it in the comments below.