While the present and future water scarcity issues are severe, there are several organizations around the world that are making an impact on global water issues. On this World Water Day 2015, we highlight eight organizations making a positive difference.

Pacific Institute
The Pacific Institute is a leader in producing research and informational resources about water conservation. They provide frequent reports on water conservation issues around the world including sustainability, water conflicts, and water use for agriculture and energy. Every two years they publish The World’s Water, a comprehensive report providing data and analysis about the world’s freshwater resources.

World Water Council
The World Water Council is an international organization that promotes political awareness and action on water conservation issues. The organization is planning its 7th World Water Forum in South Korea, which brings together participants from the international water community to exchange ideas and develop partnerships.

Project WET
Although many people are unaware of the magnitude of water problems throughout the world, Project WET is helping inform people at a young age through their programs. Through instructional materials they help educators teach students about important water concepts such as managing and protecting water resources.

Clean Water Action
For 40 years, Clean Water Action has promoted legislation to protect water resources in the United States including the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. They continue to work to close legal loopholes to prevent pollution of freshwater resources. In California they are promoting legislation to allow the public to anonymously request well log data.

Water Aid
Water Aid is a 30 year-old international non-profit that has helped over 20 million people gain access to clean water. The organization focuses on providing clean water to the poorest communities through water projects and changing government policy in 26 countries worldwide.

Co-founded by Matt Damon, Water.org provides innovative solutions to the world water crisis including the microfinance program WaterCredit. Water microloans allow borrowers to improve their access to clean water and then repay the money so it can be redeployed to other communities. They also partner with communities to construct and maintain clean water projects.

Columbia Water Center
The Columbia Water Center at Columbia University develops evidence-based innovations to address global water issues. They have implemented large scale rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharging systems in Africa and water quantity and quality management strategies in China’s Yangtze River basin. They produce research on issues such as America’s water security and the water-food-energy nexus.

Charity: Water
Charity: Water tackles the problem of lack of clean water by raising money for clean water projects. It finds organizations providing long-lasting water services and funds their projects to provide clean water. What sets it apart is that 100% of public donations fund water projects and GPS coordinates are provided so completed projects can be viewed on Google Maps.