Unsung heroes – LifeVent Ventilator: How engineers help to save people in difficult times

We all see the heroes in this difficult COVID-19 pandemic. People who take the initiative and risks to help other people. Except for the nurses, doctors, caregivers, public service people and many more, there are also engineers who make their contribution in order to save lives.

May 27, 2020 / Aesch, Switzerland – For the care of patients in intensive care units (ICU) there are currently two major challenges: First there is a worldwide shortage of mechanical ventilators in nearly all countries. The second challenge is having enough trained nurses to operate the ventilators available. The work in the ICUs is very demanding job and the training of new staff takes a long time. In this situation, an easy operation of mechanical ventilators can help to save lives.

Kaan Burak ÇAKIROĞLU from SSN Machinery in Turkey put all resources of his company into the development of a mechanical ventilator which is easy to handle and can be produced at short notice andaffordable costs. In a record time, he could present his first instrument called LifeVent. “The design of the ventilator is not only focused on high reliability, but also on industrial field proven components from reliable global suppliers” says Kaan. LifeVent is now going through the latest tests and approvals and will soon be available worldwide.

Vögtlin Instruments, the expert for gasflow technology of the TASI Flow Group, is proud to support Kaan and his Team at SSN in developing this highly sophisticated reliable machine by supplying swiss engineered mass flow controllers that control the respiration flow in a highly reliable manner.

We believe that this new type of ventilators will be a big help for various countries with less intensive care possibilities. Thanks to engineers like Kaan with an engagement, a belief and a vision, we can fight the coronavirus.


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