ONE DROP is on a mission to educate communities about the global need for access to clean water, and mobilize people to act by inspiring them with the creative delivery of information about the water crisis as well as ways to combat it.

The nongovernmental organization (NGO) is an initiative of Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Liberte, and was founded in 2007 with the knowledge that people need to be introduced to the struggles of a world without water in ways that move them to action.

To this end, creativity is a working element of the NGO’s mission statement and is manifested in taking on projects that require daring thinking and execution to produce effective long-term results. It also means embracing art and culture as a way to attract support and the ideas of innovative thinkers for implementation in real projects.

ONE DROP is currently engaged in projects in five different countries: India, Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Specific goals vary by project, but the general focus in every area is to develop sustainable sources of clean water and impart the knowledge required to keep the water running as well as income-generating plans to ensure future financing for operation and maintenance.

Much like with other NGOs, these projects are funded through ONE DROP’s strong partnerships, solicitation for donations and fundraising events; however, the organization differs in encouraging these connections through artistic expression that helps educate people on its mission and the importance of water in every human life.

Aqua is one of ONE DROP’s flagship artistic events – a fully immersive sensory experience designed to bring awareness to people about the necessities of water in a theatrical presentation that is presently on tour. Tens of thousands have already taken the creative adventure devised by the minds behind Cirque du Soleil, which is offered as a way to encourage audiences to take action in the fight for “water for all.”

This, however, is only one way to experience ONE DROP and to help improve access to water around the world. The organization invites anyone interested in participating to consider talking about ONE DROP, participating in one of their Solidarity Initiatives, making a donation or simply browsing their available informational materials.

“Water is essential to all life. Together, we have the power and responsibility to support access to water for all, today and tomorrow, in a movement of global solidarity. It starts with just ONE DROP,” said Chantal Marcotte, Communications Manager at ONE DROP.