Answering the call to end the global water crisis requires action in every area of the sciences and the political and social sectors, but first the call must be heard, and Circle of Blue exists to ensure that the world has access to the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

“Timing is crucial because we still have options that are economical, ecological and equitable, and that can save lives and inform some of the largest investments in the planet’s history,” says Circle of Blue founder J. Carl Ganter.

Objective journalism and scientific analysis define the Circle of Blue mission, and the organization goes to great lengths to preserve its integrity, including strictly reviewing donation sources and stipulating that it will always maintain control over research and will not tolerate pressure to use results to cast donors in a favorable light or obscure salient facts.

Circle of Blue conducts research and generates reports and articles in every area that influences or is influenced by the water crisis, such as health, education, agriculture, climate, pollution and more. Its scope is global and no fact or finding is too small to consider when the group’s team of researchers and reporters collaborate to inform the world.

WaterNews is the organization’s daily publication of global water news and data, and is free to any who care to use it. The news source consists of timely articles as well as Circle of Blue Radio and Video, which offers listeners and viewers a catalog of interviews with activists, policymakers and scientists involved in addressing water issues.

Circle of Blue is unique in that represents an independent, non-partisan source of news and information relating to the global water crisis. Although it is a nonprofit affiliate of the Pacific Institute, it is not beholden to views and agendas espoused by it or any other organization in its reportage.

“Our job is to translate water issues and information into forms that are meaningful — that make the issues personal, data and science that are accessible and visual, and communications design that create interesting and insightful ways to think about water.” Ganter, who is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Water Security, says Circle of Blue relies on contributions from individuals, foundations and responsible companies to advance its strategic reporting. “We all have important roles to play as water, food and energy issues converge and accelerate. Support Circle of Blue makes is possible for us to provide the trusted information we all need to make the most important decisions of our era.”

Those who would like to participate in Circle of Blue are encouraged to make a tax-deductible contribution, consider an internship or simply read and pass along the valuable information freely provided by the organization.