Select Settings and Calibration from the Configure menu in Aqua4Plus or click the Settings button in Aqua4Plus Lite. Click on the Pressure channel, if it isn’t already highlighted. From the drop-down box just below the channel list, select the type of measurement you want – submergence, depth-to-water, elevation, or staff gauge. A diagram will be displayed illustrating the type of measurement. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the Settings and Calibration page to complete the setup. If using an absolute sensor, you will need to know the current barometric pressure. For depth-to-water and elevation, you will need an alternate water level indicator to find the current depth-to-water. For elevation, you will also need to know the elevation of the top of the well and for staff gauge equivalent, you will need to know the current staff gauge measurement. Enter these values in the specified entry boxes. Not math is required.
For further details, refer to the technical bulletin “Configuring INW Smart Sensors for Depth-to-Water, Elevation, or Staff Gauge.”

NOTE: For Depth-to-Water on CABLELESS PT2X or LevelSCOUT, see the technical bulletin “Barometric Compensation with Optional Depth-to-Water Setting.” (For Aqua4Plus versions prior to 1.9.10 or Aqua4Plus Lite versions prior to 2.1.4, see the technical bulletin “Compensating INW Absolute Sensor Readings on Cableless Sensors.”