These water conservation videos are produced by multiple organizations and provide useful information on water conservation topics.

national-geographicOur Thirsty World National Geographic
This simple video by National Geographic displays facts about the importance of conserving water and cites a projection that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will live where water is scarce. (3:29)

water-aeratorConserving Water at Home California American Water
This video provides tips for reducing water usage at home including how to avoid overwatering the lawn, checking the toilet for leaks, and installing a low flow shower head and faucet aerator. (5:56)

take-partThe Global Water Crisis – How Much Water Do We Really Use Everyday? Take Part
This excellent animated video provides facts about things most people don’t realize require enormous amounts of water to produce including food and goods. (3:00)

ted-waterFresh Water Scarcity: An Introduction to the Problem TED Education
This TED video explains that although individual water use is an important part of the puzzle, a great majority of water is used by agriculture (70%) and industry (22%). (3:38)

fresh-water-tedWhere We Get Our Fresh Water TED Education
Another TED video that explains that 70% of fresh water is trapped ice caps and polar regions while nearly 30% is groundwater. It also cites that the United States uses the most water per capita in the world. (3:46)

good-waterWater GOOD
This quick video provides interesting and important facts about water availability and usage in a video infographic format. (2:30)

why-care-waterWhy Care About Water? National Geographic
According to this video by National Geographic, to support the average American lifestyle today takes about twice the global average and we are using water resources in ways that are unsustainable. It also mentions the fact that the mighty Colorado River no longer reaches the sea. (2:29)