The following resources provide excellent information about water conservation including facts, tips, and lessons.

Vector set of retro flat bannersWater Use Today
The WaterSense program of the Environmental Protection Agency provides a six-part guide to water conservation including information on American water usage statistics, challenges regarding water supply, and water efficiency.

Water Resources of the United States US Geological Survey
Learn all about water resources from this huge list of articles and videos from the US Geological Survey. Topics include groundwater, water quality, and water use.

Columbia Water Center
The Columbia Water Center designs sustainable models of water management and frequently publishes water conservation news on their Water Matters blog.

Water Conservation United States Department of Agriculture
The USDA’s hub for informational guides on water conservation topics including water conservation best practices for agriculture.

Water Conservation
This resource by The Department of the Environment in Maryland provides a water conservation factsheet and tips for conserving water at home.

Water Conservation In and Around the Home Colorado State University
This resource by Colorado State University provides facts on home water use efficiency and tips for saving water.

U.S. Water Supply and Distribution University of Michigan
A fact sheet by the Center for Sustainable Systems at University of Michigan with information about water use and supply.

Water Conservation – be water smart, not water short Department of Ecology Washington State
This resource explains the importance of water conservation and tips for saving water including using efficient products with the WaterSense label which are approximately 20% more efficient.

Arizona Department of Water Resources
Arizona’s Department of Water Resources provides ideas, tips, and resources for conserving water including The Layperson’s Guide to Arizona Water and best practices for agriculture water management.

UN Water Statistics
The United Nations provides a long list of water statistics at their site.

Why is it important to conserve water? Seminole County
This page explains the origin of the Floridan Aquifer and the dangers of taking too much water from the ground.

Water Conservation Tips for the Home Lawn and Garden University of California
This resource explains how to efficiently water your garden including limiting turf areas, avoiding extremes in soil pH, and selecting low water use plants.

Water Use it Wisely
A popular interactive resource providing nearly 200 tips for conserving water.

Conserve Water In And Around The Home University of Illinois
The University of Illinois provides 57 tips for conserving water at home.

50 Easy Ways to Save Water City of Charlottesville
The city of Charlottesville provides 50 tips for conserving water.

Water Conservation Tips The City of San Diego
The City of San Diego provides 24 tips for saving hundreds of gallons of water per week.

Save Water 49 Ways American Water
49 quick tips for saving water inside and outside the home.

15 Smart Ways to Save Water Popular Mechanics
Popular Mechanics provides several articles about how to reduce water use at home.

Division of Water Resources Conservation Project
Utah is the second driest state in the country and their water conservation webpage provides water conservation tips and articles about rainwater harvesting and waterless toilets.

Water Conservation Tips Indiana State Department of Health
Indiana state provides some quick facts about the biggest water wasters in the home and tips for reducing home water use.

Water IQ
A Texas government program to educate people on water conservation including informational literature for learning irrigation best practices, how farmers are dealing with drought, and water conservation tips.

Water Conservation Tips National Geographic
National Geographic provides information on why water conservation matters, interesting facts about water, and a water footprint calculator.

How to Conserve Water and Use It Effectively
This resource explains how residents can make small changes to their plumbing for large water savings over time.

Water Conservation
This resource contains several articles about the why and how of water conservation.

Project Wet provides several paid educational guides about water conservation that are intended for the classroom.

Top 25 Water Conservation Blogs Seametrics
A comprehensive list of the top water conservation blogs featuring commentary and news about current water topics.

Infographic: Why You Should Care About Water Conservation Seametrics
A popular infographic providing facts that explain why water conservation is important.

13 Interesting Talks About Water Seametrics
Several videos of informative and interesting talks about water conservation and water supply from leading experts in the field.

Water Conservation PBS
This guide by PBS is intended for students in grades 6-8 and provides videos and content about water conservation around the world, water treatment, and water supply.

International Water Management Institute
This site provides informational content on water management issues around the world including irrigation, groundwater, wastewater, and water storage.

A frequently updated blog focusing on California water news.

Hydrogeologist and professor Michael E. Campana, writes informative commentary on water issues, groundwater, water availability, and more.

An interactive website that provides tips for saving water in different parts of the home.

World Water Day
Roughly 75% of all industrial water withdrawals are used for energy production. Observed on March 22nd, World Water Day has the goal of raising awareness of water and energy issues. The website provides educational materials including a facts and figures page.

How To Save Water Grace Communications
This resource center provides several articles about saving water including ways to save water in your food and water saving tips for the outdoors.

If you would like to add a recommendation for a water conservation resource, let us know in the comments below.