Grapevines in CaliforniaUniversities that conduct research on agriculture provide excellent resources for farmers on how they can increase efficiency and productivity. Most universities have an extension or outreach page on their website that provides free information for farmers. Here are some examples of valuable resources available at leading agricultural science universities.

Washington State University
Washington State University has partnered with Washington state farmers to improve productivity and efficiency of products.

Practical Use of Soil Moisture Sensors for Irrigation Scheduling
Practical recommendations for using soil moisture sensors to improve an operation.

Drip Irrigation for Agricultural Producers
Basic information for getting started with drip irrigation and how to calculate drip application rate.

Kansas State University
The Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service has been working on farming issues for 100 years.

Frequently and Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions About Subsurface Drip Irrigation
Essential information to know about subsurface drip irrigation.

Cropping Rotations Using Limited Irrigation
Limited irrigation is a management practice utilizing crop rotations to “minimize water stress during critical crop growth stages.”

Water Runoff From Sprinkler Irrigation – A Case Study
An article discussing factors that influence irrigation runoff.

University of Arizona
The University of Arizona’s Cooperative Extension provides information on a wide range of topics including sustainable agriculture, irrigation, and drought.

Measuring Water Flow and Rate on the Farm
Information on things to consider when selecting a measuring device for irrigation.

Determining the Amount of Irrigation Water Applied to a Field
An article that explains how to avoid applying too little or too much water to a field.

University of Florida
The University of Florida’s online agriculture resources features an abundance of informational guides and publications.

Smart Irrigation Controllers: How Do Soil Moisture Sensor (SMS) Irrigation Controllers Work?
An article explaining soil moisture sensor irrigation controllers.

Selection and Use of Water Meters for Irrigation Water Measurement
Describes the different types of flow meters, selection criteria, and maintenance.

University of California Davis
UC Davis was ranked as the second best university for agriculture sciences in the world.

Irrigating Corn with Limited Water Supplies
A guide for irrigating corn crops with limited water supply. They also provide guides on Almonds, Olives, Winegrapes, Tomatoes, and other crops here.

How Farmers Irrigate in California
An article describing the typical irrigation methods in California and facts about crop water needs.

Tip: A good way to find resources is to search a specific domain in Google for a keyword. E.g. site: irrigation