sustainability-seametricsI am sure many of you have heard a little bit about the eco-footprint the world leaves today on Mother Earth. The world is becoming more and more polluted and hazardous based on the amount of emissions damaging the ozone layer, global warming, and the overflowing amount of trash and waste.

Many people were told throughout their lives that “One man cannot change the world,” but I can assure you that every person has the potential to make a great change in the world today by doing a small part. There are certain things you can do and add to your everyday life that can help save the beautiful world that we all live in and live sustainably.


To recycle something simply means to reuse it. If you recycle, the items do not go to the overflowing landfills and create piles and piles of more trash. Instead, they are used again in some fashion. By doing your part and recycling what you can, you are saving energy because creating products with ready-made items takes less time than creating items from raw materials. Almost every home in the United States today has a recycling bin it will be picked up by your local garbage company. By taking a few extra minutes each day to sort through what can and cannot be recycled, you are reducing pollution and the size of landfills that affect the air you breathe. Recycle plastic, cans, and glass.

Walk more

If you realized that you need to run to the store to get some milk for breakfast, instead of cranking up your car to drive half a mile to the gas station, use your muscles by either walking or riding a bike. By not using your car for the little trips you make throughout the day, you are greatly reducing the amount of pollution that affects the world. Not only is it good for the environment, it is also good for your health, as regular exercise does a body well.

Use eco-friendly cloth grocery bags

Have you ever thought about how many plastic and paper bags are used every day? Estimates come in at 1 trillion per year worldwide. That is about 1 million bags being used per second, which is way too many. It takes about 1000 years for a plastic bag to degrade or decompose.  They are not good for the environment at all. Millions of people purchase things every day and almost all of their items are placed in plastic bags. There is an eco-friendly solution and that is to purchase a cloth, reusable bag to put all of your groceries and products in.  By bringing your cloth bags to the grocery store with you, you are doing your part to reduce the amount of wasteful bags.

Conserve water and energy

Simple things like turning the water off while you brush your teeth or turning the light off when you leave a room can dramatically decrease the amount of water and power you are using. If you are done using the toaster in the morning, unplug it. Only run the washing machine when it is full.  Turn the fans off when you are not home.

Grow your own food

To live sustainably means that you do your part to provide for yourself and consume the least amount of energy that you can.  If you grow a garden, you will be able to eat delicious fruits and vegetables and consume less from the grocery store.  If you think about the food that comes from the grocery store, it took a great deal of energy to get that food there.  Farmers had to use energy with tractors to create the farming fields, then it had to be taken to the store via truck or airplane, and the store consumed electricity to keep the fruit and vegetables cold.  By having your own garden, you are doing your part in being eco-friendly, getting organic produce, and living sustainably.

Here are other ways you can live more sustainably:

  • Do not use plastic bottles.
  • Use cloth napkins.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Start a compost pile and use it for your garden soil.
  • Hang your laundry out to dry.
  • Consider being a vegetarian
  • Install Compact  Florescent Light (CFL) bulbs

Do your part to help the environment and live sustainably. As you do, you will feel a great sense of peace and joy knowing that you are treading lightly and being kind to Mother Earth.