Operating a business is not as simple a venture as many envision. Considering the significant increases in operating costs in the last decade, particularly in electricity bills, operating a business has become costlier than ever. Fortunately, the implementation of efficient energy management solution can change this bleak outlook. In fact, it could help your company generate more profit than ever.

Solution 1 – Shut Off rather than Put off
When done with a full days worth of work, the simplest thing you can do is turn your electronic devices off. Never put off the shutdown as standby mode can consume a lot of energy in the long run. In fact, leaving a wireless router on in your office can cost between $3 and $5 a month. Multiply that by a number of routers in the office and you are looking at an increase of hundreds of dollars. The same can be said about 19-22” LCDs, computers and large LCDs.
Therefore, the best and first energy management solution is to simply turn off the electronic devices once you have used them rather than leave them running or on standby.

Solution 2 – Electronic Timers
Regardless of the efforts you and your employees may put in to ensure that electronics are switched off, there is a high probability that they will not be. That’s why it’s a great idea to use electronic timers. These electronic timers will automatically turn on and off the electronic devices in the office. This ensures that even if someone forgets, everything will turn off either way.

Solution 3 – Switch the Lights
Most businesses have literally hundreds of light bulbs working for 8 hours a day. In order to save electricity, subsequently increasing profits, switch to low voltage fluorescent light bulbs. These use a fraction of the power of regular light bulbs and provide increased luminosity. In fact, you can save up to $200 over a 6 month period by using 5 13W fluorescent bulbs. That’s a little over $30 a month.

Solution 4 – Go Solar
Another great energy management solution is to invest in solar panels, great for small to medium-sized businesses. The solar panels can be used to power your businesses’ lighting or perhaps cooling systems. Either way, you stand to save hundreds of dollars by going solar. Moreover, the government will pay you for every kW you reinsert into the main grid.

Solution 5 – Replace the Wires
Whether it is a human being or a small speaker, everything has a limited life. Eventually, when you exceed that life, performance degrades, sometimes rapidly. The same can be said about wires. By replacing the wires in your office with new wires, you save money due to electrical resistance. Moreover, new wiring can dramatically lower your insurance premiums as well.

Following the above 5 solutions will help ensure that your business operates at a lower cost than ever, increasing your profits. Moreover, it ensures a safe and more productive work environment and gives your business an eco-friendly image.