seametrics-green-gardenDo you want an eco-friendly garden that is completely green? Gardening requires a great deal of work and a green garden will require a bit more work than if you were to plant a regular garden. Weeds, animals, weather, and chemicals can make or break your garden, so it is a good idea to learn how to handle various situations that can arise in eco-friendly ways.


Composting is a great way to create an eco-friendly fertilizer that can greatly help your plants. You can begin a compost pile easily by adding greens and browns and stirring your pile every so often.  It is recommended to never put any type of meat in your composting pile as animals will be attracted to it. Sometimes, even some types of vegetables can attract animals. When creating your compost pile, try putting up a chicken wire around the perimeter to ensure that no animals can get in and ruin your hard work.


With any garden, pests will always be trying to get in and eat your crops. Although pests can be damaging to your eco-friendly garden, steer clear of the kinds of pesticides that are not eco-friendly. There are organic pesticides which do not contain harmful chemicals that a normal pesticide contains. For example, one organic pesticide you can make from home is garlic, chili powder, baking soda, and cooking oil. You could also use lemon scented dishwashing liquid combined with the other ingredients. All these ingredients can create the perfect organic pesticide your eco-friendly garden will need and are proven to keep those nasty pests far away from your garden. You can also purchase organic pesticide from the store.

Pull weeds yourself

Instead of using a harmful chemical to kill the weeds surrounding your plants, pull the weeds in your garden yourself. Although it can take a long time to make sure every weed is out of your eco-friendly garden, the results will be well worth it and you will feel even more accomplished with your green garden. You should wear gloves and probably a long sleeve shirt with boots to be safe while in your garden with weeds sprouting up everywhere. By pulling weeds yourself, you are ensuring that your plants will possess no harmful chemicals and your plants will really be completely eco-friendly.

Use the weeds

You can easily use the weeds you pull in your garden in your compost pile but first you will need to make sure they will not attract pests. The only way to completely be sure that the roots of the weeds are dead and never coming back to life is to heat the weeds up. You typically need a machine to do this which can be expensive. Another way to make sure the weeds your pulled will not grow back once they are placed in your compost pile is to drown them. Put all weeds into a big bucket full of water and completely saturate them until you are assured they are dead. They can then contribute to your compost pile and fertilizer for your eco-friendly garden.

Use these tips to create a beautiful and bountiful green garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor with your family and friends.

Image from Pixabay