Drop In The Bucket (DITB) is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that takes pride in its hands-on approach to bringing water to the people of Africa. Founded just four years ago, it has already made an impressive impact through an effective comprehensive development process that it manages from funding to project completion.

The NGO began as an idea among a group of very dedicated and creative individuals in the entertainment industry who decided to put their communications and networking skills to use in serving the higher purpose of global water sustainability. As a result, DITB has completed 81 wells in Sudan and Uganda that are now delivering a steady stream of clean water to thousands of people, primarily located in community schools that serve as the heart of rural communities.

DITB has 42 more wells slated for construction and more will come as funding is established to conduct site planning, secure equipment and hire engineering and construction employees. The organization, however, does not stop at constructing wells. It uses its networking capability to bring together engineers and infrastructure specialists to develop new answers to the water crisis.

One of the group’s greatest achievements is the development of “Roundabout Pumps” – pumps designed as playground “roundabouts” that children use in their play every day, which in turn pumps water into a waiting reservoir for use by the school and the rest of the community.

DITB is also working with engineers to that help contribute to sustainable water resources, including rainwater harvesting units for villages located at high altitudes that make pumping difficult, village carbon filter units that can filter water for the entire community, manual percussion drills that enable villagers to drill their own wells and eco-sanitation units that can clean sewage much quicker than conventional units.

The organization appreciates the support it gets from its Hollywood friends, corporations and schools around the country, and welcomes those who are interested in being involved with a program that places its focus in setting goals and then achieving them tangible results in the fight for sustainable water in Africa.