Seametrics products are sold worldwide through authorized distributors. These partners recommend and supply products for many applications in the industrial and municipal markets, including cooling tower makeup, chemical pump pacing, in-situ mining, wastewater processing, potable water treatment, and well-head custody transfer.

Testimonial from a long-time Seametrics Industrial/Municipal Distributor:

"Our company has supplied Seametrics products from its original start, and we are presently supplying these products to our customers. The products are high quality and simple to install and operate.  This makes Seametrics customers happy and if the customer is happy so are we.
Our Seametrics flow meters & controls have been installed in large & small water treatment plants, cooling tower & boiler applications, canneries, nursery and greenhouse operations as well as field Ag systems. The equipment is used to measure water flow and in many cases is interfaced with other equipment to provide a working system.
We hope to be able to supply Seametrics flow meter products to our customers for many years to come."
 For information on possible distribution opportunities with Seametrics, please call 800-975-8153, or write us at info@seametrics.com.