Trident Water Services and Seametrics WMX-Series by Craig Pfaff

Trident Water Services and Seametrics WMX-Series Magmeter

The hydro-fracking market requires water, and lots of it.  The fluid that gives life to every living creature on earth, is also used to extract the energy products used to heat our homes and power our cars.

The question: How to get the water from point A, the water well or pond, to point B, the frack-pad? The answer: Trident Water Services, which supplies the portable pumps supplying the pressure required to move the water to the frack-well.

However, water well owners demand reliable and accurate accountability for how much water is extracted from their supply.  This creates a new problem to solve.

The answer for Trident Water Services was the Seametrics WMX104 battery-powered magmeter. The 3-year battery life of the WMX104 means the unit can operate independently of the portable delivery system, and should the meter become damaged in the rough-and-tumble world of hydro-fracking, the meter can be easily replaced.