Seametrics WMX-Series Magmeter in Dewatering Skid by Craig Pfaff

Civil regulation of surface water is increasingly present in many facets of construction previously left to the wisdom of the work party. However, with increasing concerns about the effects of heavy construction equipment and disruptive processes on groundwater, the metering industry benefits while contributing to a cleaner environment.

The attached photo shows a dewatering skid made by Ground/Water Treatment & Technology. This type of skid is typically used at construction sites to contain, treat, and return contaminated groundwater to a previously uncontaminated state. Two of these skids might be used at a simple treatment site. The first skid uses a simple spillway technique to remove heavy objects, such as dirt and rocks, which can then be scooped out of the skid. The remaining fluid is passed to the second skid as shown. This skid passes the fluid through a Seametrics WMX104-400-11/06, which is used for process control of the filtration equipment in the skid.

The WMX104-series when combined with the optional -11/06 power/output cable is a perfect fit for this type of work. This battery powered model allows continued operation should external power be interrupted, and also allows regulatory agencies to see the meter's Accumulated Total even after the skid is disconnected from primary power. The power/output cable allows a pulse output and external power input during normal operation, and if required, pulse output during battery operation. Although not shown here, the addition of a optional -127 Internal Data Logger would allow permanent capture of flow data through out the work history of the skid.

Contaminated water need no longer be dumped into the environment.