Seametrics EX215S Insertion Magmeter in Wastewater Lift Station by Craig Pfaff

The Distributor called Seametrics and said, "I have an application for you that really stinks."  Well, that's not the first time the Seametrics Sales staff has heard that particular challenge, so the Regional Manager hopped on a plane to go take a look.  As it turns out, the rep was right -- the Oakland County Wastewater Division did indeed have a very smelly problem. Their six-story gravity lift station relied on critical flow data for process control of the waste chopper pumps in three 36" OD wastewater pipes, and repeatable performance just seemed to be irritatingly out of reach.


First one Doppler flowmeter was installed, then a second Doppler flowmeter at 90 degrees to the first -- still no joy in handing the varying wall diameter due to the solid waste constantly sticking to the sides of the pipe after being chopped at the bottom of the pipe and pumped upward to begin the next leg of its journey to the treatment center.


The Drain Commissioner had enough, and turned to the Seametrics EX215S coupled with an FT420M and a saddle mount configuration. The EX215S allows excellent performance in continuous flow applications, is not hampered by the changing wall configuration or high level of solid organics, and is easily removed/reinstalled for periodic maintenance.


Another dirty job successfully cleaned up by Seametrics...