Seametrics EX82 Magmeter in Water Park by Craig Pfaff

Having fun is a dirty business…if you are running a water park attraction that is. The children's wave pool at a major water park attraction in San Antonio is a great way to spend a hot Texas day. Water pumps supply the wave energy, and flow meters are used to pace the disinfection system to....well, we all know what can happen with children in the water.


The water park was originally supplied with another manufacturer's mechanical flow meters on the pre-filtration and post-filtration pipe. However the normal debris in the water, such as fabric shreds, scrunchies, hair pins, etc., was fouling the meters. On a regular basis, the park staff would wait until the late evening after the park was closed, then shut down the wave pool and go through the painstaking process of dismantling the sensor, carefully removing the offending material from the impeller, and reinstalling the meter. Not an optimal situation, but what to do?


Mike Ferguson of RAM Services in New Waverly TX had the answer - the Seametrics EX82 electromagnetic insertion meter. The park removed the existing sensors and retrofitted the pump system with several EX82 sensors and meter-mounted FT420M flow computers. The park was soon up and running, and with the dramatic reduction in maintenance, the park staff no longer had to miss their evening meal.