Who Knew that Flow Meter Sales and Go Karting Went Hand-in-Hand?

by Karin Grinzel on September 27, 2011

Every now and then, you’ve got to take some time to celebrate the milestones in life. At the beginning of 2011, Seametrics achieved a significant milestone in sales that warranted a company-wide celebration. This meant locked doors, out-of-office replies, and a silent machine shop so that our entire Seametrics team could hop on a bus to experience a day of Go Kart racing (and Longhorn BBQ!) at its finest.

We had a great day of competition complete with some crashes, a little trash-talking, and a couple of cracked ribs. It was refreshing to see the smiles on everyone’s faces whether they spent their days on the sidelines or in the midst of the battle for the position of ultimate Grand Prix Winner.

Our Day's Top Three Racers

We all enjoyed the opportunity to rub shoulders with fellow employees whose paths might not cross ours in any given day. No one had a title at this event…there was no Production staff, no Accounting staff, no Shipping staff. On this day we were simply Seametrics employees enjoying the rewards of jobs well done.

All of us after a day of good racing and good BBQ...

Our day at the Go Kart track was definitely a bonding experience for all of us…and the sore muscles and joints in the days to follow kept the memories alive.

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