Wetter in Texas

by Curt Burnett on June 8, 2012

From mysanantonio.com:

LUBBOCK — Spring showers that fell across Texas this year will likely spare the Lone Star State a second straight record-setting summer of heat and drought.

Texas got an estimated 8.5 inches of rain from March through May, more than three times the amount from those months in 2011 when the state endured its driest year on record. Although parts of West Texas are still battling drought, weather officials say this spring has left most of the state in position for lower temperatures and improved rainfall chances compared to last summer.

This would mean more water for thirsty crops, fewer brown lawns and less strain on a power grid that was tested last year by millions of Texans trying to escape record heat waves.

Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/weather/article/Texas-summer-expected-to-be-wetter-cooler-3606416.php#ixzz1xEnZevqx

This sounds like very good news for much of Texas. Apparently the last couple of years of extreme drought have been related to a La Nina event, which typically leads to lower-than-normal precipitation. This year looks to be an El Nino year, the other half of this periodic oscillation, and El Nino events are typically associated with wetter and cooler weather in Texas. They surely could use some of that for a while to refill the reservoirs.  

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