Video: Seametrics Flow Meters: Our Vision for Continuous Improvement

by Karin Grinzel on July 10, 2012

Seametrics Inc. started as a small company with three employees and a couple of flow meter products in 1989. It has since grown into a leader in the electromagnetic flow meter industry with over 60 employees. This video captures our passion for continuous improvement which results in a better product and a better place to work.

Video Transcript:

Well, I started working for Seametrics back in 1989. We rented out a 400 square foot room, and it was three employees. Curt ran the mechanical design, I ran the electronic design, and Melissa ran accounting and shipping departments and assembly. It felt like falling off a cliff and hoping we landed, hoping our parachute came out.

In the beginning, as today, we always look at a better way to do things. We like to think that continuous improvement is a way of life. Technology changes so rapidly that the solution today might not be the same solution tomorrow. Looking into new products, investing in new equipment, improving every process, from when the product comes in the door till the time it’s shipped out the door, it’s all focused towards providing a better product for our customers.

Measuring water throughout the world becomes more and more important every year. We feel like we can make a difference. There’s a lot of excitement for the possibilities of growing the company. You’re excited to come to work, and you’re excited to see new products being developed, and you are driven to create a new product that is something that the customer will truly appreciate.

I’m Jim Frederick, and I’m proud to be a part of Seametrics.

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