Top 50 Green Living Blogs

Eco-conscious living is a passionate pursuit made more possible by blogs offering practical tips to achieving sustainability by conserving the world’s resources. Leaving a green legacy is the common goal of these bloggers whose combined voices are helping to usher in a green wave.

green living blogsThe Greenists
“Stay” author Allie Larkin, Howling Hill and The Modern Gal are just a few of the colorful characters who make up “The Greenists”, a team of bloggers sharing recipes, reviews, giveaways and advice ranging from big DIY projects to baby steps in the direction of sustainable living.

It’s Not Easy To Be Green
Contemplating the meaning of enough, the mindset that resists change and the impact of being green in a relationship are examples of issues that Jennifer tackles on “It’s Not Easy To Be Green”, a blog that represents a realistic antidote to platitudes that promise fast fixes; books that inspire this ‘armchair greenie’ include Jared Diamond’s Collapse and Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us.

Reduce Footprints
From reducing shower time to banning paper towels, Change the World Wednesday challenges aimed at making a difference by harnessing crowd power are the highlight of “Reduce Footprints”; North Carolinian Small Footprints is aided by a green Twitter Gang and an Honor Society of bloggers who help spread the message, while readers are invited to Up the Ante by taking challenges a step further.

The Green Living Guy
Seth Leitman, aka The Green Living Guy, is an author and frequent guest on television shows like Live with Regis and Kelly where he talks about ways to go green. On his blog he shares the latest green living news and innovations that you should know about and recommended resources and products that can lower your environmental footprint.

Goovy Green Livin
Eco-wellness consultant and busy blog contributor Lori Popkewitz Alper is the voice of “Groovy Green Livin”, a resource filled with tips, trends and musings on subjects ranging from choosing greener toilet tissue to avoiding BPA and high fructose corn syrup; fellow green bloggers are spotlighted and reviews and giveaways abound.

Living sustainably in a time of planetary crisis and shining the light of scientific evidence on global-warming disbelief is the mission of “PlanetSave”, whose founders invite readers to join the team; this blog combines activism with practical advice for green living and a little levity that helps make tough truths easier to take.

From recycled circuit board pendants to memorial bird feeders that extend green living to the afterlife, Dan Harrison’s “EnviroGadget” offers an antidote to an increasingly disposable lifestyle; features of this blog include a handy Gadget Gallery with month-by-month product reviews and a Gadget Shop in partnership with green retailers.

Tiny Green Bubble
Building a network of like-minded folk to spread the message and foster change is the mission of “Tiny Green Bubble” founder Ashleigh and blog partner Jocelyn, who mix fun with a serious mission in this one-stop resource for green news, tips, recipes and products for every member of the family; celebrities caught in the act of doing the right thing, eco-friendly daily deals and green job updates are regular features.

Green Global Travel
With a focus on eco-conscious travel, Green Global Travel covers topics from nature conservation, interviews with remarkable people like Jane Goodall, green tips, and top world destinations. Co-founders Bret Love and Mary Gabbett share stories and amazing photos with the goal of attracting attention to the importance of environmental conservation.

Green books recommendations are the focus of this green book seller that gives customers the opportunity to plant a tree with each purchase. The blog features a book and picture of the day and news articles to keep you up to date on the latest environmental news.

Mindful Momma
Micaela is the “Mindful Momma” waging the green battle on the homefront with giveaways, gift ideas, grocery finds and gardening tips that celebrate joyful simplicity and the journey to sustainability; Fair Trade products, green arts & crafts and Twin Cities highlights fill this blog by a Minnesota mom, author and enthusiastic blogger.

The Eco Diva
On “The EcoDiva”, Elena Lipson celebrates a lifestyle that is luxurious, stylish and guilt-free, with product finds like gluten-free lipstick and water-based nail polish, organic recipes for skin & beauty care, Ask the Eco Beauty Expert, great green giveaways and gift ideas for every holiday.

Get Green Be Well
Inspired by a personal health battle, journalist and eco-wellness consultant Kimberly Button pursues a toxin-free life on “Get Green Be Well”; find tips for choosing the right shower curtain under Buy This, Not That and step-by-step advice for going green on Halloween in a category called 28-day Challenges.

Environmental Booty
Fueled by a personal health crisis to become an advocate for green living, Floridian Shane Shirley-Smith partners with distributors and harnesses the power of social networks to offer a treasure trove of consumer tips and resources on “Environmental Booty”; along with giveaways and an organic buying club, this blog provides updates on the battle against toxins in everyday products.

Celebrate Green
Joined by a crew who pitch reviews, recipes, projects and inspiration on “Celebrate Green”, mother/daughter blog founders Lynn and Corey are also the originators of Green Halloween® who share eco-friendly holiday tips ranging from wedding centerpieces to grad gifts and a monthly compendium of Favorite Things.

Life the Green Way
“Life the Green Way” by Birmingham, Alabama sustainability coordinator Elena White is a platform raising awareness of regional issues with a ripple effect, including the battle to preserve the endangered Black Warrior River, and such universally relatable matters as knowing when to replace old pillows and how to recycle them; learn the ‘dirty dozen’ foods that warrant the extra expense of buying organic on this blog.

Green LA Girl
Writer, teacher and activist Siel is the blogger behind Green LA Girl and the creator of the Green Guide to LA, an updated resource including eco-friendly entertainment, fashion and transportation in a city brimming with events like the Green Festival and Parking Day LA, when paved spots turn into green spaces; check out this blog’s Friday Freebies and Green Weekender, and discover how CSA California brings farm fresh produce to your doorstep.

Eco Mama’s Guide to Living Green
The quest for an artful eco-lifestyle fuels “Eco Mama’s Guide to Living Green”, a rich resource for book and product reviews, including everything needed for camping trips that leave nothing but footprints, ergonomic garden tools that take the backache out of homegrown organic and back-to-school lunch kits that help conserve waste.

Green Talk
Anna Hackman’s green journey from lawyer to sustainability consultant coincided with a quest to provide a healthier home that launched her own green building project and formed the basis of the blog “Green Talk”, which covers the nuts and bolts of eco-friendly architecture, including a section dedicated to hindsight called ‘if I only knew’.

Good To Be Green
A comprehensive Green To Do List incorporating the 3 Rs is part of “Good To Be Green”, a blog brimming with ways to achieve a smaller footprint using technology-driven tips, waging a backyard revolution with the modern version of a Victory garden, and reconsidering the idea that bigger is better with a backlash against McMansions.

My Zero Waste
“My Zero Waste” is the story of a minimalist married to an avid thrift shop scavenger and parent of an inventive daughter already into repurposing; share the journey of the ‘Green’ family on their mission to achieve a smaller footprint and live by the principles of the 3 Rs as they wage war on junk mail and find inventive ways to reuse throwaway products.

Shift Your Habit
Author and creator of MTV’s Trippin’ Elizabeth Rogers collaborates with sustainability consultant Colleen Howell on “Shift Your Habit”, a blog dedicated to eco- and budget-conscious choices from vintage diamonds to LED holiday lights; discover the greener option between trash or garbage disposal and how ordinary folks and celebs like Owen Wilson are shifting habits.

As ambassadors to the planet, the creators of “EcoStreet” provide product reviews and compile the top stories that inspire green living, including eco-travel to an Ecuadorian hut or treehouse in the Philippines and artful recycling that turns soda cans into sculpture, plastic bottles into a chandelier and circuit boards into collage.

Creator of Green Moms Carnival, Lynn harnesses the power of green female bloggers on shared monthly missions to save Mother Earth, while offering her own take on the commercialization of holidays as a green Grinch and contemplating the organic labeling debate on “OrganicMania”.

Nature Moms Blog
Transitioning from excess to minimalism, shifting to a used car mindset and claiming the title of urban homesteader are chronicled on “Nature Moms Blog” by Tiffany, who offers book and product reviews along with tips to help others on their own green journey.

Tiny Farm Blog
For anyone dubious about the viability of micro-farming, the proof is in the pictures of plump produce and tidy garden plots on “Tiny Farm Blog”, a field journal of small-scale growing on a couple Canadian acres and a contemplation of issues like the meaning of organic and the politics of small versus Big Agriculture.

Passing on hard-won wisdom and keeping historic architecture out of landfills is the impetus behind “ReclaimedHome”, which reflects an obsession with home restoration inspired by a need to find pet-friendly quarters in New York City; upcycled finds, DIY projects, real estate bargains and observations on the Wall Street occupation are examples of what this blog contains.

Our Everyday Earth
Tricks to living happily within your means, making better choices at the coffee shop and keeping your lawn while staying green are examples of the ideas on “Our Everyday Earth”, a collaborative blog spearheaded by a Texas couple whose eco odyssey included an extended adventure aboard a wind and solar-powered boat.

A Self Sufficient Life
Happily harvesting olives and almonds on a Spanish mountainside, Mr. & Mrs. Dirty Boots are the bloggers behind “A Self Sufficient Life” who contemplate the survivalist mentality when confronted with a bucket of dehydrated food, weigh the green merits of Kindle versus the love of library books and reflect on the pitfalls of being online when trying to avoid window shopping.

Canadian Shannon McKarney is the “EcoChick” driven to make eco-friendly shopping fun and trendy instead of drab and inconvenient; find giveaways along with book and product reviews running the gamut from hemp baby booties to vintage lingerie, plus reusable bags and water bottles that offer a stylish alternative to the one-use plastic product plague.
“” is an independent blog focused on honest reviews of eco-friendly finds ranging from compostable one-use tableware to customizable organic cereal and soapstone rocks that replace ice cubes; book reviews, contests and giveaways are also featured on this blog that’s not afraid to give a thumbs down to products that don’t pass muster.

The Green Divas
“The Green Divas” blog accompanies a weekly broadcast radio program by the same name, with host and creator Megan McWilliams and a crew of talented blogging divas plus a resident dude; read tips for sustainable living and opinions on issues like deceptive food labeling, and enjoy listening to episode podcasts or a soundbyte from the Short & Sassy menu.

A Growing Tradition
Gardening daydreams stirred by childhood memories become reality for Thomas in Massachusetts, who shares a field journal that gives hope to novice growers and urban dwellers longing for a green space to call their own; find recipes inspired by the harvest’s bounty, photographic evidence of an impressive green thumb and tales of the trials and triumphs of each season.

Green Tech Gazette
Harnessing technology in the quest for sustainable living is the focus of “Green Tech Gazette”, which offers news of the latest fuel-efficient vehicles, strides in alternative energy, the outlook for green jobs plus eco-friendly gadgets and how to dispose of them safely; discover how hypermilling helps drivers save gas and ways to save energy with smart home technology.

Urban Gardens
Designing creative green spaces in small spaces is limited only by the imagination on “Urban Gardens”, a blog by Robin Plaskoff Horton brimming with inspiring finds, original projects and opportunities for enlightening experiences; discover smog-busting roof tiles, artistic visions of a post-diluvian Bangkok and Parisian parking post planters.

Chasing Green
“Chasing Green” is committed to the proposition that everyday folk can make a difference, and the practical tips that fill this blog help bring the goal within reach; discover a wealth of re-use-it ideas for creatively recycling everything from tee-shirts to tea bags and advice for choosing greener alternatives for products ranging from shower curtains to house siding.

The EcoSpheric Blog
Beth Buczynski shares passionate views, calls for action and occasional rants on “The EcoSpheric Blog”, which sheds light on issues of universal concern, including endangered mountains, imperiled island nations and disappearing bees, leavened with news of the arcane, such as coffin couches and a genetically modified Enviropig.

Easy Eco Blog
For those daunted by the prospect of changing a way of life, “Easy Eco Blog” offers a mostly painless solution that promises maximum impact with minimal effort; find user-friendly tips for greener living arranged by level of difficulty, explore the how, what and why of composting and get the latest news on cities leading the drive for zero waste.

The Green Samaritan
As the voice behind “The Green Samaritan”, Jeanne Blaisdell offers tips on deciphering food labels, choosing eco-friendly school fundraisers and deciding where to use low-flow water fixtures; along with book and product reviews, this blog features a kids section that includes a guide to capturing, keeping and releasing backyard critters.

Big Green Purse
Changing the world through purse power is the credo of “Big Green Purse” by author and entrepreneur Diane MacEachern, who suggests shoppers turn Black Friday green by shifting spending to eco-friendly bargains, explains why Michele Bachmann should visit China and offers revolutionary ideas for improving the quality of our food.

The Eco-Friendly Family
Cloth diapers are just one of the green alternatives that Amanda advocates on “The Eco-Friendly Family”; co-sleeping and school fundraisers that send the right message inspire posts by this eco-conscious mom who is determined to leave a green legacy to the next generation by making a conscientious effort to choose sustainability in a society that emphasizes convenience.

Moms Going Green
On “Moms Going Green”, San Diego’s Noel Ehlers plans a locavore Thanksgiving feast and contemplates the green trend that results in baby names like Bark and Hemp; zero-waste school lunches, DIY pineapple face masks and chill-fighting cherry pit pillows are examples of topics on this blog that also offers meatless Monday recipes that go way beyond tofu.

Green Student U
Fueling the next green wave is the goal of “Green Student U”, a blog brimming with eco event updates and sustainable living tips geared to college kids; along with fun finds like recycled flip-flops that give new meaning to the term castaway are helpful lists of schools that meet Earth-friendly criteria and those that offer green degrees.

Non-Toxic Kids
As creator of “Non-Toxic Kids”, author, activist, teacher and mom Katy Farber digs deep to unearth the truth about toxicity in the marketplace and find safer product alternatives; pushing for passage of the Safe Chemicals Act, highlighting the dangers of factory farms and recognizing the power of positive food choices are hot topics on this blog.

Raising kids with green in their genes is the focus of “Enviromom”, the co-creation of friends Heather Hawkins and Renee Limon who invite readers to take the one trash-can challenge, discover the power of Craigslist to move moving boxes and celebrate getting back on the green wagon; now these bloggers and Master Recyclers are ready for a new chapter in their parallel green journey.

The Alternative Consumer
Discover eco-friendly fashions, a bagful of tips for greener holidays and the impact of ditching the disposable coffee cup on “The Alternative Consumer”, a resource for green giveaways, reviews and a roundup of news related to conscientious consuming by a team of bloggers that includes a token ‘green curmudgeon’ and a canine mascot named Seamus.

The Green Gal
UK blogger and ‘the green gables’ shop-owner Gabrielle is “The Green Gal” who designs nifty eco-friendly creations for giving or keeping and shares with readers a bounty of printable freebies, vintage finds, a passion for playful palette ping pong and pictures of ‘too beautiful’ upcycled art.

Living Green and Saving Energy
“Living Green and Saving Energy” in a way that is painless and convenient is the mission of Steve Stillwater, who posts about eradicating energy-draining vampires, slashing fuel bills while debunking gas-saving myths, examining the viability of energy alternatives and exploring why peak phosphorus matters.

Environment Green
Back to basics means the 3 Rs for the blogger behind “Environment Green”, who cites her daughter as inspiration; find energy-saving ideas lurking in the garage and basement, make eco-friendly lumber choices and keep appliances out of landfills with tips that help readers go green one step at a time.

Growing a Green Family
Parenthood is the challenging driving force behind “Growing a Green Family”, a blog offering earnest and honest advice and reviews, including comprehensive guides to eco-friendly dollhouses and play kitchens, plus a primer on picking toys with non-toxic paint and other finishes; blogger Jennifer eagerly awaits the movie debut of the Lorax and offers step-by-step instructions to preparing an organic pie crust.

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More Great Green Blogs to Check Out:

Mommy is Green
Baby steps that add up to big strides in the green journey are the foundation of “Mommy is Green” by new mom Victoria whose desire to find safer products evolved into a blogging mission; along with reviews and giveaways, read about safely disposing toxic products while making the switch, the quest for an effective organic deodorant and recycling precious baby clothes.

EcoFriend brings a global perspective to green living with a collection of the coolest and cleverest DIY projects, eco-tourism hot spots, artists transforming old computer components, and revolutionary concepts including a laptop that runs on water, solar-powered rainbows and a hotel made of garbage.

Green SAHM
Discover practical ways to make a difference on the homefront from the perspective of a stay-at-home mom on “Green SAHM”; along with ethical chocolate choices and new uses for cloth diapers, this savvy blogger contemplates resisting the lure of bargain buys that aren’t planet-friendly, passive green living that doesn’t require lifting a finger and common ways that eco-friendly intentions fail.

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