Top 50 Farm Blogs

Updated 2/23/2015: We have remove some links that are no longer active.

Our Top 50 Farm Blogs feature remarkable individuals who not only work incredibly hard to feed the world’s population but take time out of their long days to share their stories. The following farming blogs were chosen because they are recommended by their peers and provide great insights into the daily lives of the people who provide the world’s food.

top 50 farm blogsFresh Eggs Daily
Lisa runs a five acre farm in Virginia and shares stories of raising chickens with a passionate audience of thousands of Facebook Fans. At her blog Lisa shares advice for keeping chickens healthy and happy, recipes that use homegrown vegetables and herbs, and ideas for farm building projects.

Brighton Park (Is now a private blog)
At Brighton Park, homesteader Katie Sullivan tells stories of their adventures on a one-acre farm in Gilbert, Arizona which is home to chickens, ducks, turkeys and a family of Jane Austen fans. Katie describes the process of making soap, recounts a trip to the Renaissance Faire, and discusses how growing organic vegetables provides student lessons in sustainability.

Cold Antler Farm
Web designer Jenna Jackson followed her calling to “Cold Antler Farm” in New York’s Washington County, where the author (as Jenna Woginrich) of Barnheart and Made From Scratch hosts workshops on mountain music, backyard chickens and working with wool fresh from the farm; her blog reveals an obsession with weather and a belief in the poetry of simple things.

The Beginning Farmer
Trading his dreams of rock stardom and pro angling for a patch of Iowa farmland, Ethan Book shares the story of starting from scratch at Crooked Gap Farm, where he wages an annual war on mud and finds lessons in patience while waiting to turn his cows out to a new pasture; a born talker who longs for a mechanical bent, “The Beginning Farmer” shares the tale of doing rounds of meetings in DC as a voice for small-scale farmers.

The Next Generation: Farm Safety and Health
This blog is a partnership between The Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health, University of Missouri, and Farm Safety 4 Just Kids and aims to provide farmers with a platform for sharing their opinions on farm safety and health. The blog offers information, tips, and stories to get the conversation started and encourages farmers to share their thoughts.

West Family Farm (No longer exists)
With the goal of being self sufficient, Carole from West Family Farm in Texas provides an up close look at farm life including installing a new irrigation system, raising a herd of cows, and the benefits of grass fed animals.

Alpaca Farmgirl (No longer exists)
Owner of Alabama’s award-winning Fairhope Alpacas, newlywed Katy Spears is the voice behind “Alpaca Farmgirl,” a blog packed with advice for anyone who falls in love with these doe-eyed wool-bearers and with observations about barnyard sex-ed, blogging as a 21st century quilting circle, and the trick to milking an alpaca.

for the love of beef
Janice Wolfinger and family share their experience managing a cattle ranch in Nebraska including posts on the cattle business and the economics of beef, how cattle breeding works, tips for getting started in ranching, and photos of life on the ranch.

Howling Duck Ranch
Alberta, Canada is the home of “Howling Duck Ranch” and author, homesteader, barterer and Food Sovereignty advocate Kristeva Dowling, who posts about living in uneasy coexistence with grizzly bears, a hesitant introduction to Prairie Oysters, practical advice for butchering, and confronting policies that aren’t friendly to organic farming.

Tiny Farm Blog
Two acres in Ontario, Canada are the setting for “Tiny Farm Blog,” a day-to-day photographic chronicle of organic micro-farming that includes mouth-watering pictures of food fresh from the farm, practical advice from seed-saving to pest control, participating in Community-Shared Agriculture and confronting the politics of Big Agriculture from a position of David facing Goliath.

Shepherd’s Notebook
Shepherd’s Notebook is an extensive information resource for sheep and goat producers that is written by Susan Schoenian from the University of Maryland Extension Small Ruminant Program. It covers a wide range of topics pertaining to sheep and goat from research studies to important news and additional resources.

Farmgirl Follies
Family, fun, food, fantastic finds and a cozy farmhouse created one piece at a time are the topics of “Farmgirl Follies” set in rural Ohio, where Jennifer makes her home with Farmguy, homeschools her kids, keeps shop at Farmgirl Finds and is sustained by faith, fresh air and the peaceful pace of a simpler life.

Morning Bray Farm
Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and taking its title from an old proverb, “Morning Bray Farm” spins a tale of Nigel, Gracie Belle and the other adopted and rescued donkeys and burros that are the real stars of this blog committed to ensuring a better life for these gentle beasts of burden.

Beyond the Sidewalks
Washington state is the setting for “Life Beyond the Sidewalks,” where Goatgirl raises miniature goats and contemplates the challenge of fencing in critters that are Olympian jumpers, the mystery of balding pot-bellied pigs, and the unmistakable smell in the air that means fair time has arrived.

The Skoog Farm Journal
“The Skoog Farm Journal” chronicles the everyday miracles, endless chores and garden-fresh feasts that make up life in rural New York, where retired art teacher, card creator, animal rescuer and organic farmer, Lori Skoog, celebrates her passion for horses and commemorates cherished four-legged friends who are gone but not forgotten.

Verde Farm
In West Virginia, “Verde Farm” is host to farm tours, weddings and guests at a cozy cottage, and it is home to Amy, Richie and a menagerie that includes miniature donkeys, guinea hens, peacocks and kunekune pigs; on this blog, a wet season leads to thoughts of building an ark, an overambitious blogging novice struggles to regain her mojo, and a litter of spotted piglets makes hearts overflow.

A Dairy Goddess’s Blog
“A Dairy Goddess’s Blog” aims to give farmers a face and promote understanding of a threatened way of life that represents a national treasure; this blog by Barbara Martin is also the chronicle of what unfolds when a pair of 3rd generation farmers marry and set up farm in California, celebrating Earth Day each day, longing for the life of a pampered dairy cow, and taking on the Naked Chef’s criticism of chocolate milk in school cafeterias.

This blog chronicles a family’s adventures at small farms in the north Central Valley of California. The author discusses her conversations with farmers and what she learns when touring local farms that grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

A Glorious Life of an Idaho Farmwife (No longer exists)
Married to a 4th generation farmer and grower of garbanzo beans, Gayle chronicles “A Glorious Life of an Idaho Farmwife” as an inside look into one of the family farms that feeds the world; along with tried-and-true recipes and a photo-journal crop diary, motorcycle road trip adventures are part of this spirited blog.

Blue Fox Farm
Photos of neat crop rows and updates on market-ready produce from arugula to zucchini are highlights of “Blue Fox Farm”, a blog dedicated to the tradition of small family farming; internships offering hands-on training at this Oregon certified-organic farm are one way to ensure a new generation of land stewards.

Dissertation to Dirt (No longer exists)
Neysa and Travis are the city-transplanted organic farming couple behind “Dissertation to Dirt”, a chronicle of the road to owning a plot of Texas soil already named Round Table Farm; applying for a beginning farmer loan, making a checklist of the criteria that qualifies good land and contemplating the merits of internship are part of the journey.

Griggs Dakota
Blogger Jane and Farmer Fred are the people behind “Griggs Dakota”, which chronicles life on a fifth generation North Dakota farm from planting to harvest; rainy nights of double-board Monopoly, a farmer’s ode to dandelions and a trip to the salvage yard to retire old tractors give an insight into a simple life revolving around fields and family.

Boulder Belt Eco-Farm
Weighing in on the GMO debate, stumbling on a truffle patch and pondering why ‘farm sex’ is the most popular search term for its readers are fuel for posts on “Boulder Belt Eco-Farm”, which is set on an Ohio organic farm operated by modern renaissance gal Lucy and annual host to a nearly never-ending yard sale.

The Renegade Farmer
An old-fashioned way of life meets up with new technology that connects folks once isolated by geography in “The Renegade Farmer”, a communal creation of a crop of contributors who range from the poster with the heart of a farmer, even if the farm is just a backyard plot, to the farm family ready to downsize a thriving operation that outgrew their desire for a simpler, sustainable life.

Bee Haven Acres
Site of a centuries-old log-built landmark, “Bee Haven Acres” is home to a herd of fainting goats, a gender-bending rooster, and blogger Bev, organic farmer and vintage apron maker who fulfills a porcine fantasy, involves the neighbors in a collaborative Yurt-raising, and makes memories of ‘Grammie’s’ Pennsylvania farm with the grandkids.

Hickery Holler Farm
Southern gal, the Canned Quilter, and Yankee hubby, O Wise One, invite readers to visit “Hickery Holler Farm”, where images of tomatoes ripening on a porch rail and stories of fooling city kids with tales of grits-hunting conjure a simpler life; readers can keep up with a running canning count and discover how to prepare mock pineapple and gummy worms using the zucchini that threatens to overtake the garden.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm
Backyard farmers in upstate New York, blogger Staci and husband Jay practice voluntary simplicity, offer lessons in chicken coop construction and tackle the question of what makes a farm, while sharing space with their menagerie of chickens, cats and French bulldogs.

Kim’s County Line
Sowing seeds of hope despite hard times, sprouting awareness for a new generation at Ag Day and capturing sunsets framed by a century-old grain elevator are all-in-a-day’s-work for the Kansas farm wife and freelance radio reporter behind “Kim’s County Line”, where readers can discover why dusting is a dirty word to farmers and housewives, why planting wheat is like waiting to give birth and why feed store mousers are as important as any CEO.

Kris shares stories from her horse farm in central Pennsylvania that is also home to rare chickens and the occasional fainting goat. Images of the beautiful countryside and entertaining adventures of the farm’s inhabitants fill the pages of this blog.

Four Leaf Clover Tales
Living out a farm fantasy reunited with the beautiful Morgan stallion that inspired a girlhood dream, Dutch transplant Leontien braves a cancer battle with the support of fellow bloggers and finds humor in ‘crazy’ Americanisms; “Four Leaf Clover Tales” chronicles life on a sprawling Indiana dairy farm where pampered cows get regular pedicures, enjoy spa stays when they are feeling down and take a holiday before calving.

Honest Meat
California’s TLC Ranch is home to the self-professed muckraking blogger behind “Honest Meat”, a sustainability consultant and part-time farmer who offers profiles of hardworking land stewards and contemplates the activist label, the reasons that farmers still fare poorly in a food-obsessed culture, and the pitfalls along the journey from farm to plate.

Slow Money Farm
Finding a safe, sustainable haven along with a sense of community is the driving force behind “Slow Money Farm”, a blog that advocates freedom of food choice, looks to the Bible for lessons in land stewardship, and examines farming by the (shrinking) numbers and food advertising that fails the sniff test for integrity.

Unexpected Farmer
This blog shares lessons along the way of learning how to run a farm in Spain that produces an array of products from vegetables to eggs and is home to a variety of livestock. With the help of Google and some trial and error, they are learning that farming is both challenging and fun.

Our Little Coop (No longer exists)
Blogging from a small urban farm, Emily McGrath of Our Little Coop shares her quest to become more self sufficient. Topics include recommended books for raising chickens, how to set up a brooder for newborn chicks, and the process of constructing a chicken coop.

Northview Diary
As one of the longest running diary farm blogs on the Internet, Northview Diary gives you a taste of life on a diary farm with regular in-depth narrations of the author’s experiences including ensuring all cows are accounted for and keeping the farm going when extreme weather arrives.

The Dairy Mom
Brenda Hastings provides insights from owning and running a dairy farm in Northeast Ohio including giving visitors a front row seat during Open Farm Days, explaining pricing structure and costs for dairy farmers, and how to accomplish the goal of keeping cows healthy, comfortable and productive.

Gold Forest Grains
John Schneider is the voice of “Gold Forest Grains – Organic Grain Farming in Alberta”, where readers can keep up with the progress of the farm’s passive-solar straw house, take a video tour of the fields, find recipes for Spelt bread and sourdough, and peruse the list of fresh-milled products sold at farmers markets and Edmonton’s Organic Box delivery service.

Stories from the Farm
Jacob sheep endowed with ombre shades of wool and remarkable quadruple horns are arguably the stars of “Stories from the Farm”, rendered even more magnificent by blogger Shannon’s camera skills; snapshots of barn swallows, bees feasting on blooms and scenes from the fair provide a glimpse into the everyday joys of an Oregon farm family.

Farm Fresh Fun
Proud owner of an almost two-centuries-old Maryland farmstead slated for demolition, horse trainer turned do-it-yourselfer with a magpie gene for collecting, Farm Fresh Fun blogger Leslie chronicles the work-in-progress with before & after pics that reveal an amazing transformation and welcomes visitors from as far away as Beijing; enjoy fair photos of mutton bustin’ and wooly fashionistas by a farm wife for whom date night means a shared trip to the tractor store without kids in tow.

Punkin’s Patch
Named in memory of a sheep rescued from the stockyard, “Punkin’s Patch” is the Kentucky home of blogger, Packers fan and fiber artist TheCrazySheepLady, Hank the watchful dog, and a flock that includes a United Nations mix of breeds with a cast of wooly characters like Ewen, Ewenice and Wooliam.

The Wife of a Dairyman
Nancy shares recipes that utilize home-grown bounty, a virtual tour of a California farm that is home to happy heifers and the rare experience of sending her kids to a one-room schoolhouse as “The Wife of a Dairyman” who appreciates old barns, attends blog conventions and participates in the state’s Farm Fresh tour.

This Farm Family’s Life
Sarah displays her talents behind the camera with images of a wedding party hayride, rainbow-themed birthday and boot prints branded into fresh cement on “This Farm Family’s Life”, where readers can find kid-friendly crafts, hearty recipes and farm projects illustrated step-by-step.

From My Front Porch
For Jent, the smell of drying corn means autumn has arrived and the best field is the one visible “From My Front Porch”; this Indiana blogger who prefers farm duties to household chores shares stick-to-your-rib recipes, rib-tickling shopping misadventures and the wit and wisdom of kid conversations.

Walking the Off-Beaten Path
Sunsets snapped from the bed of a pickup and mounds of golden corn gleaned from storm-bent stalks illustrate “Walking the Off-Beaten Path” and reflect the passion of retired teacher and wife of Tall Guy, Lana; fishing is a family tradition and personal tragedies put snarky comments in perspective for this Indiana blogger.

Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails
Journalist, Mary Kay fan and wife of Big D, Meggie is the blogger behind “Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails” who celebrates her wedding anniversary by closing on the farm of her dreams and contemplates giving up her horse in order to make more time for motherhood; discover the connection between dairy farming, Ginger Rogers and Sex and the City in this Indiana farmwife blog.

Sprout ‘n’ Wings Farm
A gaggle of girls make their home on “Sprout ‘n’ Wings Farm”, the Nebraska setting for single mom Michaele and daughters who find a place to breathe and grow, living by the mantra of doing what they can – whether braving injury to give goats pedicures or following instructions to install a rural mailbox.

Fresh from the Farm
“Welcome to Farmchick’s Kitchen” is the tagline for the blog titled “Fresh from the Farm”, where hospitality is served up with regular features including Link Party farm photos, reader-contributed homemade projects and creative recipes like pretzel sparklers to celebrate the 4th of July; Kodak moments captured by this blogger, scratch cook and soy candle maker include sunflower fields worthy of Van Gogh.

Truth or Dairy
On “Truth or Dairy”, Carla chronicles the evolution of corporate climbers into Michigan dairy farmers who see beauty in round bales dotting a field, find wedding conversations turning to calf bloat, and witness the future of farming when the neighbor brings home a robotic milker.

Throwback at Trapper Creek
Bent on achieving self-sufficiency on 180 acres in the Pacific Northwest, Matron-of-husbandry is the blogger behind “Throwback at Trapper Creek”; pictures of produce too pretty for words and images of a kitchen overflowing with bushels and baskets – while canning to the tune of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ – give a glimpse into this blogger’s world.

Life on a Colorado Farm
Linda chronicles a vanishing tradition and offers remembrances of times past when the nation faced a different war in “Life on a Colorado Farm”; readers can follow the adventures of a pair of curious farm dogs and savor photos of everyday miracles, including a parade of rainbows and a glimpse of hummingbird nests.

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More Excellent Farm Blogs to Check Out:

The Real Farmwives of America & Friends
“The Real Farmwives of America & Friends” is a recently-launched blog featuring a remarkable bunch of recipe-sharing, book-clubbing, Carhartt-wearing women connected by a treasured tradition; originating on Facebook, this group blog welcomes new members and features a section where readers can Meet the Girls who represent some of the fresh faces of farming.

Sugar Mountain Farm
Walter and Holly Jeffries are the proprietors of Vermont’s “Sugar Mountain Farm” and the producers of ‘pastured pork and pigs; an invitation to participate on reality TV’s Wife Swap, schooling a government agent on the difference between a sow and a boar, and the trick to weighing a pig using only a string are a sample of the wit and wisdom offered on this blog.

Ten Apple Farm: Living With Goats
Blueberry picking parties, crate-grown mushrooms and chore-free staycations are part of the fun on “Ten Apple Farm: Living with Goats”, home of author Margaret, photographer Karl, and a growing brood of 2-legged and 4-legged kids – along with a brave rooster who lost his feet to frostbite; the stars aligned when this farm journey launched with a project called The Year of the Goat that ultimately landed a pair of New Yorkers in Maine.

Farm Folly
The process of restoring order to a neglected 80-year-old farmhouse and a handful of overgrown acres inspires the title of “Farm Folly”, the chronicle of a work in progress interrupted by moments of amazement and gratitude for a young Oregon farm couple; readers can share in the creation of a reCooperation shelter for ravaged hens and efforts to make peace with warring chicken breeds.

The Fraker Farm
Paula philosophizes on the pecking order at “The Fraker Farm” in Tennessee, home to a bulldog named Lily with a serious underbite, a wooly gang of sheep, a brood of ‘egg factories on feet’ and the plush Silkies who really rule the roost; recipes for old-fashioned favorites like Chess Pie and plenty of pics for fans of old tractors are part of this blog’s down-home appeal.

2 Maids a Milking
“2 Maids a Milking” is a collaborative blog by newlywed Liz and 6th generation family farmer Amy who dish dirt, share recipes and invite readers to experience a tour of Indiana’s Kelsay Farms complete with an amazing corn maze, pumpkin patch and Moo-Choo train.

Apifera Farm
Oregon’s “Apifera Farm” is a labor of love for artist, author, donkey rescuer and creative workshop host Katherine Dunn and husband Martyn, a horticulturalist nicknamed the Dirt Farmer; recognized in The Wall Street Journal, this blog celebrates the power and process of carving out a special serene place where communing with animals and working the land heals and inspires.

Juniper Moon Farm
Susan Gibbs left the Big Apple for Virginia’s “Juniper Moon Farm,” where – along with Jennie Leonard and Caroline Fryer – she produces yarn instead of network news; features of this blog include a live Lambcam, Ask the Shepherd, and posts on topics ranging from beekeeping to Olympic-class lamb shearing and the dilemma of drowning in goat’s milk.

(Not So) Urban Hennery (No longer exists)
City-transplants Mike and blogger Laura are the Washington farm couple behind “(Not So) Urban Hennery”, which hosts Dark Days Challenge, an annual wintertime invitation to the farm blog community to cook with local ingredients and share the menus and mouth-watering photos as inspiration to eat like a Localvore while awaiting signs of Spring that include chicks in the shed and shedding by every critter.

Farm Tails
Woodfield’s resident Kritter Keeper returns to her farming roots by trading an urban penthouse for 80 acres in West Virginia; “Farm Tails” gives the equestrian author a place to share wistful memories of her hardy Vermont ancestors, vintage-looking digital scrapbook creations, and whimsical photos like the ones of Jessie the horse wearing a flowery bonnet in honor of the royal wedding.

Thistle Cove Farm
Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains are the backdrop for “Thistle Cove Farm,” the home of blogger Sandra, hubby Dave, a dog named Sam P. Spade and a horse and sheep breeding operation; living by the seasons, extolling the virtues of less busyness and wishing for a 36-hour day are some of the musings in this blog brimming with pictures, prayers and poetry.

Agriculture Proud
Ryan Goodman is the young cattle rancher who provides a passionate perspective and advice on advocating for the agriculture community on “Agriculture Proud”, where he recounts the adventures that add up to 100K miles on a pickup named Rusty and invites others to share their stories through blog features such as Ag-Thankful, Ag-Proud and Day in Farm Life.

On the Way to Critter Farm
“On the Way to Critter Farm” is a record of what happens when hay-fever sufferer Danni leaves the city behind for the slower pace of life in rural Oregon with Roxy the farm dog and a parade of rescued animals; on this blog, readers can keep up with the farm’s egg count and share in the undertaking of endless projects, chicken doctoring and seed saving.

Farmer Bloggers
“Farmer Bloggers” is a one-stop source for the best content from the farm blogosphere; posts by the talented contributors include an invitation to the nation from a fifth generation farmer anxious to erase misunderstandings with a new dialogue and an explanation of how red duct tape helps a dairy farmer maintain milk quality.

Farming Friends
Preventing sunburn in pigs, nurturing the runt of a litter, diagnosing a duck’s limp and achieving the ideal male-to-female ratio in poultry breeds are a sampling of the wisdom collected in “Farming Friends”; monthly photo and captioning contests and a full glossary of farming terms are a few features of this online magazine and forum that blossomed from a journal of farm life by Sara, the steward of 250 acres in Northern England.

Dropstone Farms
Like the kind of boulder that gives “Dropstone Farms” its name, Lauren and Garth landed on their Bainbridge Island acreage as transplants; these farmers-in-the-making bent on food self-sufficiency work up a CSA model, try their hand at hanging fatback and curing charcuterie, and offer a glimpse into the state of the farm, from hen count to freezer hoard.

The 7MSN Ranch
Linda Carson left the corporate grind to settle down seven miles south of nowhere on “The 7MSN Ranch” with a menagerie of donkeys, a dog named Smooch, and Wynonna the pot-bellied diva; amazing photos capture the majesty of painted New Mexico skies at sunset and chronicle the construction of projects around the ranch, including a chicken castle.

Life on a Southern Farm (No longer exists)
A hundred acres situated well off the beaten path is the setting for “Life on a Southern Farm,” where Georgia FarmWoman and husband FarmMan live by their own labor, handcrafting goat’s milk soap and HenPals nesting boxes; along with Jack the donkey and Jill the dog, the farm is visited by friendly and fierce wildlife, while a tree-hung hammock lures this blog’s author away from a long list of chores.

Mucky Boots Farm
Canada is the setting of “Mucky Boots Farm”, where everything is a work-in-progress for the retired teachers who are carving out a more authentic life and carrying out the dreams begun by previous owners of their Vancouver Island homestead; blogger Miriam reflects on the inspiration of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the pride of being a fair ‘jampion’ and the incalculable cost of canned tomatoes.

Pasture Raised and Grass Fed on Stony Brook Farm
New York pork and lamb producer Bob examines the politics of being a carnivore and contemplates the conflict between the foodie craze and feeding on a broad scale as the blogger behind “Pasture Raised and Grass Fed on Stony Brook Farm”; a fawn’s narrow brush with a tractor’s blade leads to a reflection on the ethics of slaughter.

Bruce King switched gears and careers to head up a pork-raising operation in Washington state, where his junkyard pigs dine on strawberries and have a nose for unearthing rusty car parts instead of truffles; on “Meat”, he narrates a narrow escape from a close encounter with food on-the-hoof, makes a choice against eating anonymous meat, deals with regulations and red tape, and gains a new perspective on plunging stocks from the security of a farmstead.

Crosswinds Farm
Battling Japanese beetles, struggling to keep critters cool through a heat wave and dealing with the aftermath of marauding sheep are examples of life on Iowa’s “Crosswinds Farm”, where shepherd Corinne tends to her flock, snaps photos of dust-bathing chickens and drives a truck christened Harrison Ford by her readers.

The Unconventional Farmer
The Unconventional Farmer covers natural farming techniques from Japanese and Korean natural farmers. Topics range from how to make your own potting mix, to building a scentless piggery requiring no cleaning. Find lots of tips and tricks as well as pictures of the process to help create your own unconventional farm.

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