The Sun!

by Curt Burnett on May 20, 2011

Friday, May 20,2011

Here in the Seattle area it’s the annual Bike to Work Day. This morning an estimated 25,000 people commuted to work under their own power, many undoubtedly for the first time this year and on the third day of a rare sunny streak. If the temperature reaches 70 before the day’s end, it will end a 199 day stretch of temperatures below that mark.

If there’s any benefit to a severely delayed spring, it’s that when it finally comes it seems so utterly wonderful. I rode to work on my tricycle (picture your most comfortable piece of reclining lawn furniture floating along on three wheels). The Duwamish River was running high and muddy, ospreys were nesting, a rabbit hopped through the damp grass with ears lit in the early sun like pink stained glass windows, and enthusiastic young people cheered as I rode past their Bike to Work checkpoint.

When I reached Seametrics the Flanged Magmeter team was hard at work building AG2000 battery-powered irrigation meters for hot, dry places like North Texas. They had the door to the parking lot propped open to let in the sweet breeze and a little bit of precious sunshine. In spite of all the weather troubles in the world it was hard, for one brief moment, not to feel completely blessed.

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