Team Inspects Seametrics Flow Meters in Nebraska

by Karin Grinzel on May 24, 2011

Last week a team of gentlemen from Seametrics had the opportunity to head out into the field to the great state of Nebraska. Darnell Hill (Customer Service & Support Specialist), Alan Gothelf (VP of Sales & Marketing), William Olive (Production Supervisor), and Paul Carlson (Plant & Manufacturing Engineer) flew into Denver and met up with some representatives from one of our Distributing Partner companies. They then formed into teams and made the rounds to just under 100 flow meters covering many miles of irrigation piping in Nebraska to check on installations and proper function. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to get out of the office, throw on some boots, and forsake the Seattle traffic and ever-available 4G network for pickup trucks, open roads, and “No Service” screen messages? All to experience the great outdoors with the broad range of elements…and cow pies…it has to offer. You know we all HOPED we’d be selected for this elite team! Luckies!!

The report came back that the Seametrics flow meters were functioning properly and doing their part to help with water conservation efforts. It’s good to know that our meters are doing what we say they will do. Our team was able to inspect the flow meters and installations and communicate with our engineers and manufacturing teams more effective ways for enhancing an already great product.

I joke about the “privilege” of being on this team, but it really was a good experience for each of them. If you look at the job titles of each person, you realize that “out in the field” (the literal one with dirt and water) wouldn’t necessarily fall into their list of duties. So, getting the chance to see and inspect Seametrics water flow meters already in operation is a real opportunity – not just to make our products better, but to expand the understanding and expertise of those who are building, selling and supporting them.

We could all stand to get our hands a little dirty every now and then to become better at what we do.

Hats off to the Nebraska team!

Nebraska flowmeter inspection

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