News Release: Seametrics Inc. Hosts Factory Tour for the NRWA WaterPro Conference

by Karin Grinzel on October 13, 2014

On October 8, 2014 Seametrics Inc. hosted a factory tour for attendees of WaterPro 2014, the National Rural Water Association’s national training conference and trade show which was held in Seattle WA.

This educational tour featured presentations explaining various processes followed at Seametrics before a product is shipped to our customers:

Curt Burnett, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, gave the welcome and presentation of Seametrics’ history and commitment to the rural water market; Fred Sutton, Chief Mechanical Engineer, gave a 3D presentation illustrating the product design process; John Kaiser, VP Operations, gave a hands-on tour as he explained the details of Seametrics’ lean manufacturing processes; Jim Hitchman, Physicist, hosted the group in the test lab and highlighted many of the rigid tests performed during research and development; and Jim Frederick, Manufacturing Engineer, explained the importance of calibration, the types performed on the various test benches at Seametrics, and the control methods utilized to assure accuracy in our flow meter calibrations and adherence to product specifications.

“It was a tremendous opportunity to show off what we do to provide quality products at a reasonable price to the rural water market, “ says Asrat Yitref, President & CEO. “We are committed to playing our part in global water conservation.”

About Seametrics
Seametrics Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of flow metering products. Since 1990 the company has provided innovative solutions to users in industrial water treatment, energy management, irrigation, utilities, transportation, and chemical handling. Seametrics products have a reputation for durability and accuracy at a competitive price, and are sold largely through a network of domestic and international distributors.

The location just south of Seattle Washington is home to both the engineering and production groups. Seametrics employs just-in-time manufacturing methods and has a high commitment to continuous improvement. The company follows its ISO 9001 quality management system and employs lean design principles. A focus on innovation, product value and customer accessibility has resulted in two decades of continuous growth. Seametrics is dedicated to providing our customers with products that help in many different ways to make the world a better place.

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