Inspiration from the Seametrics Engineering Department

by Karin Grinzel on May 30, 2013

Sometimes it seems Engineers are kind of unsung heroes. They tend to be seen as those with this kind of vision:


But I have the privilege of working with some great engineers much different from those portrayed in this popular (and hilarious!) cartoon series by Scott Adams. Okay, maybe not TOTALLY different, but you know what I mean.

Jim Hitchman is relatively new to Seametrics and is a physicist working as a integral part of the Engineering team. I don’t have to tell you he’s smart…he fits that part of an engineer’s profile to a T…that, and the fact that he has a Dilbert calendar on his desk. Jim has hit the ground running at Seametrics, soaking up information like a sponge and offering valuable solutions. But an almost greater value which Jim has brought to our Engineering team is one of commitment and charisma.

As the deadline for a significant engineering project has come to the horizon, Jim decided that missing that date would not be an option. He made a commitment that he would not shave until that deadline was fulfilled. He partnered with others in this mission, and yesterday I even saw someone from an entirely different department who decided he would join Team Scruffy to support Engineering in their push to the finish.

People like Jim make a tremendous contribution to the positive culture of an organization. I respect the fact that he was able to capture the vision passed on by his leader, take it seriously, and inspire others to do the same.


Thanks, Jim, for being an inspiration to us all…Seametrics is fortunate to have you as part of our family.

We expect great things from you and the entire Seametrics Engineering Department!

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