How Seametrics Flow Meters are Made: The Seametrics Approach To Manufacturing

by Mike Clacy on April 23, 2011

Seametrics of Kent, WA is a company that is defying the trend of manufacturing in the United States and is dedicated to producing a majority of our products domestically in the US. From our entrepreneurial start, Seametrics has designed and manufactured most of the products we provide.

Modest beginnings coupled with a desire to limit debt and boot strap our own growth initially forced Seametrics to produce all of our own components because volumes were low and the company couldn’t afford to contract with suppliers wanting minimum order quantities. As the company has grown, this desire to keep inventories low, maintain a minimum debt load as well as provide quality craftsmanship has led to an ideology of “doing it ourselves”. Seametrics has a team of talented product designers and engineers as well as a skilled manufacturing labor force all working together to produce a quality, value based product for the markets we supply.

This line of thinking also extends to the components and materials we do have to buy or source. A conscious effort is made to source domestically whenever possible. This is not to say that every product we sell is made on site. The MJ-series product line is sourced off shore but every MJ-series meter that is purchased is unpackaged, checked for quality and repacked before sending out to the customer, continuing this mindset of providing quality and reliability to the customer and end user. Just as we fully warrant all internally manufactured products the MJ-series is fully covered by the Seametrics guarantee exemplifying the responsibility we take for every product we sell.

Today Seametrics has developed into a company with significant growth, international presence and a limitless future. With each product we develop we investigate ways to keep the process as vertically integrated as possible such as machining our own parts from raw metal stock to assembling all the subcomponents that go into our final products. The more we can make internally, the more control we have over our quality and scheduling. Seametrics feels a commitment to our employees as well a responsibility to grow the company and provide more quality employment opportunities for the future.

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