Farmers Care About Water Conservation

by Karin Grinzel on October 8, 2012

On my return flight from the WEFTEC trade show in New Orleans, I had the opportunity to be seated next to a farmer from Nebraska. Our conversation of course began with why we were travelling, which led to me telling him that I was at a trade show, him asking me what I “do”, and me asking him the same. So, having established that he was a farmer and that we provide flow meters for irrigation, we had a common topic to discuss: water.

The gentleman asked me how Seametrics meters were different from other flow meters, and I shared with him our determination to provide an economical choice for those wanting a simple solution for measuring their water usage. He then asked me, “What’s your philosophy?”

I shared with him that our CEO and Founder has always had a passion for water conservation and we therefore have branded ourselves with the tagline Technology With a Mission – Saving Time. Saving Money. Conserving Resources. I admitted to him that before I worked for Seametrics I thought of conservation as a “tree hugger’s agenda” but that as I’ve become more and more aware of the growing scarcity of usable water I’ve embraced a vision for stewardship of the resources we’ve been given. At the end of our discussion he said, “I’d buy flow meters from you.”

He shared that many farmers adhere to the mindset that no one should be telling them how much water they can use, and yet he can see the distress this mentality is placing on the Ogallala Aquifer feeding his region. He said he fears that if everyone tapping into that aquifer had the thought that his usage has no effect on others, the water could eventually be depleted. This would mean that the ability for that region to produce food would be gone. He saw the impact this would have on his family alone, but also the bigger picture of having to rely on other regions and countries for food.

This discussion may be been a little deeper than your typical airplane chit chat with a total stranger, but it left me satisfied with MY purpose in the quest for conservation. If I can bring awareness and be part of providing a tool for saving the world’s water, I’m all in!

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D.M.James November 14, 2012 at 6:49 pm

As individuals, my family ancestors always practiced conservation with all resources, including water, partly out of necessity but more out of a philosophy against waste of all kinds. This practice has extended to the current family members as well, when there has not been a necessity. We applaud your efforts!!


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