Change and a Team Effort Bring Amazing Results in Magmeter Production

by Karin Grinzel on December 28, 2011

Change is the key to growth.  In order to get where we want to go, there must be a goal and there must be a decision and plan to achieve that goal no matter what it takes. 

2011 has been a year of change — and growth — for Seametrics.  We found that a willingness to address systems from the past and make a commitment to do the hard stuff to change can bring astonishing results.  And of course in all of this the concept of TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) served as a catalyst to raise expectations and see big-time success.

The month of December in our Flanged Magmeter Department was our icing-on-the-cake illustration of the reward of change.  See, we had a delightful problem: orders for these flow meter products were streaming in (the delightful part) and yet our output level was stationary (the problem).  So, our Management Team put their heads together and applied the principles of The Great Game of Business to create a “mini-game” that served as a company-wide challenge to increase output.

The road had already been paved with a complete overhaul of our Flanged Magmeter production area to make things more organized and sensible to an efficient manufacturing process.  The Before and After effect was astonishing to me, a person who loves to watch shows that transform homes to get them sold. 

So with a clean slate, so to speak, our Management Team presented the production challenge first to the Flanged Magmeter Production Team, and then to the company at large.  The Production Team itself obviously did the hands-on, skilled work but the rest of us in the company were tasked to find out how we could support their efforts by offering our help with supply replenishment, cleanup, and even bringing coffee and words of encouragement.  A visual representation of a racetrack with the milestones for the game, along with the rewards for achieving those numbers, was hung on the wall in the break room so we all had a vision and could see the status of the game at any given time of the day. 

The Production Team met weekly to discuss progress and any barriers to momentum.  Any needed adaptations were made, and the game went on.  We were all astonished to see the output numbers climb higher and higher in times much shorter than any of us would have believed.  Yesterday we reached our optimum level of production…the number that was two steps higher than the “needed” number…with three more days left in the game.  All I can say is…AMAZING!  I am in awe of what can happen when change is made, a vision is cast, and a team effort is applied.  

I’m proud to be part of Seametrics.

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