Harbour Group's ONICON Acquires Seametrics


Harbour Group’s ONICON Acquires Seattle Metrics

ST. LOUIS, August 30, 2016 – ONICON Incorporated, a Harbour Group company, has acquired Seattle Metrics, Inc. (“Seametrics”), Jeff Fox, Harbour Group’s chairman and chief executive officer, announced today.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Since 1990, Seametrics has developed and manufactured flowmeters for the irrigation, industrial, water, and wastewater end markets with a focus on electromagnetic meters (mag meters). Seametrics has a leading position in mag meters for the irrigation market throughout North America with a growing international presence.  Seametrics is headquartered in Kent, Wa.

Mr. Fox commented, “The addition of Seametrics brings ONICON further into the measurement of one of the world’s most critical resources, water. Seametrics’ expertise allows the combined company to be a leader in irrigation metering.”

John Norris, president and chief executive officer of ONICON, commented, “We are building a diversified flow meter business to serve multiple markets and the acquisition of Seametrics expands our technology base and market reach.  We look forward to growing the combined business with the Seametrics team.”

Seametrics’ founder and Chairman of the Board, Curt Burnett, added “We are excited to partner with ONICON and believe their operational expertise and additional sales channels will help us continue to grow as a business. We believe our engineering talent and product suite will enhance the ONICON business. Together, with ONICON and Harbour Group, we have exciting plans for the future.”

ONICON Incorporated has been in the flow measurement [and hydronic energy] business since 1987. Headquartered in Largo, Fla., ONICON designs and manufactures a full line of highly accurate flow meters and energy measurement systems. The company provides a wide range of products including turbine, vortex, electromagnetic, thermal mass, and ultrasonic meters as well as BTU meters and display modules. Every product is individually calibrated and all products are delivered fully programmed for the customer’s application.

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