Seametrics IP81P and AO55 in Polymer Feed System by Karin Grinzel

Velocity Dynamics, Inc. (VeloDyne), located in Louisville Colorado, is a manufacturer of liquid and dry polymer activation & hydration technologies, chemical storage, metering, and mixing equipment. These chemical systems integration services are used in industrial and municipal water and wastewater industries.

Polymers used in water and waste water treatment systems have certain storage, handling, feeding, and dilution requirements.  It is imperative that these materials be fed accurately to prevent underfeeding and overfeeding, which can result in wasted chemical treatment and poor system performance.

One of VeloDyne’s polymer feed systems incorporates the Seametrics IP81P Paddlewheel flow meter and the A055 Analog transmitter.  These systems pump neat polymer into a dilution chamber, where the polymer is combined with water and fully activated.  The polymer-water solution then flows by water pressure to the point of application.  The IP81P with a mounted A055 blind analog transmitter sends a 4-20mA signal to the panel to activate a pump or other device to make sure the polymer concentration is perfect.

Dewco Pumps & Equipment, Seametrics’ Authorized Stocking Distributor for Colorado, worked closely with VeloDyne Engineering to specify the best performance-to-cost solution, put the needed products into inventory, and finally continues to provide ongoing product or applications support to VeloDyne.